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Here you’ll encounter the eccentric thoughts, audacious opinions, and amusing escapades of Millie, all narrated by an anonymous benefactor who weaves through the chaos of everyday life while embracing the unpredictable adventures that Millie brings.

Is it spring yet? Hunter Bunter

Dear Hunter, Love and longing always. A year without you, cherished spots hold your ashes. Life has ups, downs; your absence felt. Tuna, Grandma spar, miss your mediation. Forever in our hearts.

Is it spring yet? Grandma Meow Moses and the Fountain of Youth

Amazon’s ‘Fountain of Youth’ arrives, flipping Tuna and Grandma’s world on its head.

Is it spring yet? Life After the Who’s Who Case

Tuna and Grandma’s courtroom saga concludes, but did the sentence stick? Find out!