A Few More Years

A Few More Years - Keep Out
Sven:  Did you just take a picture of the counter? Me:  Ah….yeah. Sven:  Why would you do that? Me:  Evidence. Sven:  Evidence? Me:  To put in my evidence folder. Sven:  You have an evidence folder? Me:  Of course I do. Sven:  What else is in there? Me:  Mostly pictures like this one. Sven:  Why? Me:  It’s just a precautionary measure in case I snap one day and someone around here winds up dead. Sven:  I don’t understand. Me:  I believe it will buy some sympathy, once the jury sees exactly what I’ve dealt with for all these years. Sven:  How thick is your folder? Me:  Oh it’s thick. Sven:  Well, I don’t think a folder full of premeditated evidence will buy you anything but a few more years.  

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  1. I like yellow gloves and messy counter tops .. why wouldn’t you???? I truly don’t understand why you would not want to have a counter full of crap.

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