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Do you know what DPI means?

I didn't either.

It means dots per fucking inch.

Do you know when I found that out?

When I learned that 146 pictures already embedded into my manuscript, titled, Millie Noe for President, contain only 96 DPI.

Do you know what 96 DPI means?

I didn't either.

It means that 146 pictures with 96 dots per fucking inch are imbedded in my manuscript, Millie Noe for President, which is in my computer and hopefully also hanging in a cloud, need to be replaced with 146 pictures with 300 dots per fucking inch.

Do you know what that means?

I didn't either.

But I didn't think it sounded good.

Well, it wasn't.

But before I slit my throat and after I threw a fit, my friend told me that it is all about the resolution that is necessary for printing. She also told me that we can fix it. I just have to locate my 146 pictures and turn them into JPEGs and send them to her in a file and she will run a transcript and change them all over to 300 DPI pictures. And then she will send them back.

And then I will VERY, VERY, carefully replace the shitty resolution pictures with the new and improved resolution pictures.

It will all be fine.

So, if you do not see or hear from me for a little while, it is because Millie Noe is not only running for president, which is super time consuming, she is also searching for 146 pictures imbedded in her computer, in hidden files, named whatever the heck she felt like naming them, when ever the heck she felt like creating them.

What is the good news?

Well, if, all of this actually happens and my computer doesn't crash and the world doesn't stop spinning on it's axis before July 4th, 2016, Millie Noe's first book will be launched.

That is correct.

The fireworks this Fourth of July, will be even bigger and better.

Now, for all of you who happen to be religious, please pray for Millie Noe.

For all of you who happen to be superstitious, please cross your fingers or throw salt over your shoulder for Millie Noe.

And for all of you who are neither, please do both for Millie Noe and maybe meditate a little, go for a jog and start eating right.

Because when it comes to techno stuff, Millie Noe can ruin just about anything.

Do not worry.

If I am elected president, I will not touch that button. I will put duct tape over it.

I have some advice.

Start saving your money.

You are going to want to purchase this book.

Because this book, Millie Noe for President, will be priceless.

And just like your fire crackers, you will get a big bang out of it.

Unlike your sparklers, it will not go up in smoke.

Unless you set it on fire.

Paid for by Millie Noe Enterprises LLC.

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