BS Club Minutes April 17, 2013

Voulez Vous club de BS

Attention! Warning! Entrée vous at votre own riske!

Meeting Place: Chez Le Mere – Le Condo Les Temps: 43 degrees Attendez: Ma mere, Ma soeur, Mon Amie Giselle, Les Chats: Maxwell Smarte et Morrie Amsterdam, et moi Refreshmentes: Dip du creme that es soure avec les fresh vegetables Official BS Business:  There has been une posteponemente on le official BS rating de ma soeur's neuvaux sofa, parce que ma soeur forgot to bring la photographe por review. BS Topics et conversations: Giselle began le discussion.“Mon husband called moi from up northe du jour et he said that all de les messieurs du poissons are still fishing avec les tip ups et playing les cards en les shacks parce que la ice is twenty inches thick et it has been snowing por heurs et heurs.” Le Club de BS membres gasped en disbelief. “Non!”  Et then ma soeur said, “Vous madames won’t believez moi, mais, ce matin I saw une bird that looked just like une robin avec l’orange, mais his feathers were brown et blanc. “  I said to ma soeur, “Are vous trying to say that perhaps vous spotted une de those imposters de les robins?” Ma soeur said,  “I’m just saying that le bird looked like une robin, mais, les robins do not have les brown et les blanc feathers.” Giselle said, “How many times must I tell vous, there are non such things as les fake robins?” Then we spent le next ten minutes being les detectives et trying to help Giselle remembre what she did le jour before.  She said, “I thought that when I retired I would have all de la time en le world, mais non, je suis tres busimente. " Ma mere said, “What have vous been busimente doing?” Giselle said, "I have been baby sitting mes petite enfantes, et ce week I have been watching ma petite enfante, Lillia."  "Oh," said le Club de BS membres.  "Lillia is tres cute."  "Oui," said Giselle.  "Et Lillia is no trouble mais, I can't get anything done et ma mason.  Et ma mason is une messy chateau. On Monday I took Lillia to visit ma mere at la place de la rehabilitation.  Lillia was une grand hit avec all de les patients et ma mere was tres happy to see her mais we left on le trip at six en le matin et we didn't arrivez back home until eight en le soir.   Et then on Tuesday.........hmmm, Quel did I do on Tuesday?" Apres une awkward pause du le silence I said, "Tuesday was yesterday, Giselle."  Giselle said, "I know that, mais I don't know what I did yesterday."  Ma mere said, "Did vous baby sit avec Lillia?"  Giselle said, "Je ne sais pas."  Ma mere said, "It is le memory that is short that is le first to go."  Giselle said, "Je suis serious. I don't know what I did yesterday."  So then we began avec les questions.  "Did vous go to chez Lillia's to watch her there?"  "Je ne sais pas."  "Were vous proof reading at votre mason et Lillia was there playing avec les Play Doughs on le floor?"  "Je ne sais pas."  I decided to try une neuvaux approach. "What did vous have por votre dinner yesterday?"  "Oh, I remembre.  I had les left overs de le tenders de les chickens!"  I said,"Tres bon. Was Lillia avec vous when vous were eating les left overs de le tenders de les chickens?"  "Je ne sais pas. Mais, I don't remembre Lillia being there when I was eating les left overs de le tenders de les chickens."  I said,"What were vous wearing while vous were eating les left overs de le tenders de les chickens?"  "Oh!  I know.  I was wearing mes pajamas!"  "Tres bon.  Now we are getting somewhere.  If vous were en les pajamas perhaps vous never left votre mason. Was Lillia with vous when vous were wearing votre pajamas?"  "I don't remembre seeing Lillia when I was in mes pajamas." "Was Lillia perhaps watching la televisionne while vous were en votre pajamas?"  "I don't remembre seeing Lillia watching la televisionne while I was in mes pajamas."  Ma mere said, "Maybe vous should call votre daughter-en-law et see if vous were watching votre petite enfante yesterday."  "I can't do that!"  Ma soeur said, "What did vous have por la lunche?"  Giselle said, "I don't remembre what I had por ma lunche.  Oh, oh, wait.  It es coming to moi. I was at le mason de ma fille when I ate ma lunche.  Oui, I ate la  lunche at chez Nicolette." Ma soeur said, "Do vous remembre seeing Lillia at chez Nicolette?" Une bulb de light lit up et Giselle became tres excitemente.  "Oui.  Lillia was there.  I can picture her face at la tableau.  It is all coming back to moi.  Lillia et I went to chez Nicolette por la lunch et après la lunche Lillia stayed at chez Nicolette to play avec mes other petite enfantes et I went home." I said, "Did vous pick up Lillia et take her to Chez Nicolette's en le matin?" Giselle thought por une momente et said, "Non.  I've got it! Lillia spent le soir du Monday at chez moi après we arrivez home from la visite avec ma mere at le place de la rehabilitation."  I said, "Giselle, do vous have une license to baby sit avec les petite enfantes?"  Et she gave moi une du her looks. Et then we discussed le local flyer avec les advertisements por Le Pig Store de les Groceries.  Ma soeur said, "I hate la flyer."  Giselle said, "Oh, j'adore la flyer."  Ma mere said, "Je pense le flyer is okay, mais nothing speciale."  I said, "I never look at la flyer."  Et then we moved on to une discussion de les fleurs.  Ma mere said, "Les daffodils are tres petite ce year avec le mauvais et fraud weather mais they are trying their best to bloom."  Giselle said, "Are les daffodils les fleurs that are yellow?"  Ma mere said, "Oui."  Giselle said, "I like les daffodils, mais je n'aime pas les tulips."  I said, "Oh, I like les tulips."  Ma mere said, "I like les tulips too." Ma soeur said, "Oui, I like les tulips."  Giselle said, "Porquoi?  Les tulips are stupid fleurs.  Les long, long stems et just une fleur at la tops.  Stupid fleurs."  I said, "Sven doesn't like les tulips, parce que he was traumatized by them. Giselle said, "How could he be traumatized by les tulips? They are stupid, not scary." So I told le story.  "When Sven was a jeune fil, about five years old, he picked all de les neighbor madames tulips.  Et Madame Lamberte saw him pick les fleurs out du her window.  Sven left all de les long stems en her garden et pinched les fleurs off de les tops."  Giselle said, "Aw.  Did he pick les fleurs por his mere?" "Non.  He picked les fleurs por himself et he took les stolen fleurs to la shed en his back yard so that he could smell them en peace et quiet.  Mais not por long.  His mere came et got him out de la shed après Madame Lamberte came knocking at her door to complain et to point at le long et empty stems en her garden du fleurs.  Then Sven went avec his mere to chez Madame Lamberte et they knocked on her door. When la madame came to answer it, Sven couldn't stop all de les crying et his mere had to tell Madame Lamberte that Sven was tres sorry por de-teting all du her tulips." Et then Maxwelle Smarte came prancing by avec his tattered cube from le basemente took une bow et went to lay down. mouse & cube

"Hey, Maxwelle Smarte must be part bear!"

bear paw

And then it was time por le Shake du Jour

le shake   Bartender du jour:  Ma Mere Numbre du jour:  4 Rules: Une dollar to play, five of a kind to win half de le pot, trois shakes et farming de la land is allowed. 1st Shaker: Giselle……………resulte…………deux  fours. 2nd Shaker: Ma soeur…………resulte…….four fours.  OMD!! Ma soeur, so close to la golde, mais, this es not les shoes de les horses. 3rd Shaker: Ma mere………..resulte……..deux fours. 4th Shaker: Moi………….resulte……….NON fours.  What le?  Son of a!
Stop in ce next week et find out if Giselle knows if or who she baby sat et if any more de those imposters de les robins have been spotted en le area.

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