BS Club Minutes April 23, 2014

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Official BS Business

It es le officiale celebrationne du les birthdays por ma souer et Giselle.  Here es une recap du la celebrationne. First there was les openings du les cards et les gifts.  Next le condo almost caught on le fire when ma Soeur handezed les papers de les tissues to ma Mere over le top de la neavaux candle, mais fortunatemente Giselle savezed le jour.  She was vite on les feetes.  She grabbezed les tissues out du les mains du ma soeur just before it burst ento les flames.  Apres that  there was une show de les fashions featuring Louisa.  She walkezed on le runway wearing une shirt du les Badgers, then she twirlezed around en une shirt du les Brewers, next she spinnezed en une circle in une hooded shirt de le sweat avec les Brewers et por le grande finale, she pranezed around ce room en une beautiful fancy shirt that did not fit her. Ma Mere: Le bartender said to le customer, "It es votre birthday du jour? How old es vous?  Et le customer said, "Je suis fartey et ma wife es fartey two." Et then Maxwelle Smarte sneakezed in behind Le Mere et sat on her chair.

BS Conversations

Moi:  Louisa, did les childrens sing Happy Birthday to vous at l'ecole? Ma Soeur: Non.  I avoidezed le room de la lunch. Giselle:  Isn't that where vous work? BS Club: hahahahahahahahahaha Et then ma soeur receivezed une text from her fille.  Bridgette Luanne typezed, "Mon Dieu! Ma dream has come true.  Russell Wilson has filezed por une divorce." Giselle:  Who en le heck es Russell Wilson? Ma Soeur: He es une player du la balle du les feetes en le N et le F et le L. Louisa sent une text back to congratulate Bridgette Luanne por suche bon news. Et Bridgett Lunanne wrote back, "Now, there es non need por moi to waste ce soir writezing ce stupid paper.  I am going por to marry riche anyway." Le Club toasted le bon fortune that has fallezed upon Bridgette Lunane . Et then we discussezed le news du ma soeur en l'etate du Georgia. Moi: KiKi said she will poste les photographes du her neuvaux floors made out du le wood on le book du la face, mais Bridgette Luanne will not be able to see them. Giselle: Porquoi? Moi: Parce que she said that Bridgette Luanne postezed that she despisez le book de la face, on le book de la face. Ma Soeur:  Oh, whatever.  She will see them. Et then Clementine came waltzezing en through le door. Clementine:  I have commencezed to work at ma part time job at le Pub on le Main.  Mes heurs es on les Tuesdays, les Thursdays, les Fridays et les Saturdays. Le Mere:  Not les Wednesdays? Clementine:  Non!!  I am busy on les Wednesdays.  I have le Club de BS. Ma Soeur:  How es le job going? Clementine: Excellente.  Et did vous know that vous can make une lot du les dollares when vous wait on les tableaus? (Clementines eyes were full du les $$) Giselle:  When es le Pub going por to open por la lunche? Clementine: Not right away. Giselle: Well, I want them to open por la lunche now. Clementine:  So, guess what?  Ma soeur es retirezed. Le Club: What? Clementine: Vous see, she had some work du la dental done on les teethes and then she went straight from la dentist to la work.  At work her bushe commenced to hurt when le Caine du la Nova wore off.  Les teethes were causing her beaucoup de la pain, so she went to le office por to get deux de les Ibuprofens, mais they would not give them to her. Le Club: Porquoi? Clementine: They said, "We cannot givez out les pills anymore."  Et ma soeur said, "Mais, ma bushe, it hurtez."  Et they said, "Well, we cannot givez out les Ibuprofens anymore."  Et ma soeur said, "Mais, ma bushe, it still hurtez.  I need deux de les Ibuprofens right now."  Et they said, "Non.  We cannot givez vous les pills."  Et ma soeur said, "Well, then I quit." Le Club: Gasp. Clementine: Then she was sent to le Departemente du la H et le R.  La madame who workez there es une amie du ma soeur.  She said, "Tienne, porquoi do vous wantez to quit?"  Ma soeur said, "Parce que they will not givez moi les Ibuprophens."  La madame said, "Tienne, vous have workezed ici por thirty-five du les years.  Tienne said, "Oui."  La madame said, "Et now vous want to quitez parce que du les Ibuprohens?"  Et Tienne said,"Oui." Then la madame said, "So, Tienne, tomorrow vous will callez en sick?" (She was nodding le tete while she was saying this.) Et ma soeur said, "Oui?"  Et then la madame said, "Et après tomorrow vous would like go on une vacationne por trois de les weeks? (Still la madame was nodding le tete at ma soeur.) Et ma soeur said, "Oui?"  Et then le madame said, "Et then après votre vacationne that will bring vous to une perfectemente date por to retirez.  Don't vous pense vous would likez to retirez then? (Still la madame was nodding le tete.)  Et ma soeur said, "Oui?"  Et then la madame had ma soeur signez some du les papers et that was it. She es fini. Then Claudette walkezed en through le door, went straight to le cabinet, removezed le plasticque por safety purposes glass, fillezed it avec le wine et joinezed le rest de le club. Claudette:  What?  I did not know that Wilburs Restaurant was closezed. Moi:  Are vous serious?  That es le first time I have ever known vous not to know something like that. Le Mere: Et  Le Bar du la Wine es movezing ento le old café. Le Club:  Oh that will be bon. Then I do not know porquoi, mais le subject turnezed over to mercury.  Not le planet Mercury.  If it was le planet Mercury I would have capitalizezed le M. Non, it was le mercury enside du le thermometer.  Giselle recountezed her story de le time that she brokezed le 2500$ thermometer en l'ecole du high en le classe du les sciences.  Vous can find that story en full inside BS Minutes OCTOBER 23, 2013.  Giselle repeatez ce story whenever she hearez le word mercury.  Et then I recountezed ma story de le time that I stuckezed le thermometer ento ce bowl du chaud mashed potatoes et le mercury shotezed out du there.  Vous can find that story en full en BS Minutes OCTOBER 23, 2013.  I repeatez le story whenever I hearez Giselle tellez her story about le 2500$ thermometer that she brokezed en l'ecole du high enside le classe de les sciences. Claudette: Mon amie  brokez une thermometer une time at her mason et then she vacuumezed up les petite beads  du mercury that she had to chasez around ce room.  Mais, then it commenced to bother her, so like une idiote, she callezed une hazardous materials numbre on le telephone et they came over en les suits du la outer space et they confiscatezed ce vacuum. Le Club: NON! Next we parlezed on por une while about les deodorants.  Et I learnezed that vous should never usez une perspirant de le anti.  They es not bon por vous. Et then ma nephew, Ruperte walkezed en through le door.  He came por to wishez his mere, Louisa une happy birthday.  Et I havez to say, that es tres bravez du ma nephew even if he did grewez up avec le Club de BS.   Et then une peculiar thing began to happen.  On une side du moi I could hear parlezing about une thing et on le other side du moi I could hear parlezing about une other thing.  It sounded like this from ma chair et I would like por to say that it was tres hard to keepez up avec mes notes. Le side to ma left:  Giselle: Oh, J'adore les rollers du les coasters.  Mais, le last time I went on une, callezed Zeus, I wrenchezed ma back. Porquoi do they have to make everything so extrememente? Le side to ma right:  Claudette: They can put vous en le jail por that. Le side to ma left:  Ruperte: Le other park du la water across le town es runnezed better than where I workez, mais, we do not have le mafia runnezing ours et they do. Le side to ma right:  Claudette: It es une felony. Le side to ma left:  Ma Mere: Le Mafia? Le side to ma right: Claudette: Vous can be sure there were les drugs et les alcohols. Le side to ma left:  Ruperte: No we don't havez une coaster du la roller. Le side to ma right:  Claudette: He es une convicted felon vous know. Le side to ma left:  Ruperte: It es like une turtle racing a snail. Le side to ma right: Claudette: Nothing but les troubles.  It es une, tres, tres, terrible situationne.  That es all I can say. Le side to ma left:  Ruperte: Millie, por ma next birthday, I wantez por all du us to stay at le campground du Yogi le Bear. Moi:  Oh Ruperte.  Vous es so cute. Giselle:  Hey! Who put le roll de le papier on top du la rollere?

Et then it was time por le Shake du Jour

Roller Coaster

Bartender: Clementine

1st Shaker: Le Mere……………resulte…………Deux. 2nd Shaker: Clementine…………resulte…….Quatre 3rd Shaker: Ma Soeur………..resulte……..Une. 4th Shaker: Giselle………..resulte……..Trois. 5th Shaker: Claudette………..resulte……..Une. 6th Shaker: Ma Mere……………resulte…………Deux. 7th Shaker: Ruperte……………resulte…………Trois. 8th Shaker: Moi:……………resulte…………Deux. Mon Dieu!  Who ever wins ce pot will be riche, just like Bridgette Luanne.
Come back ce next week.  Vous do not want to miss les adventures du Le Club de BS, just in case there es any.   

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