BS Club Minutes December 5, 2012

Warning: No Entrees Vous s'il vous plait if you do not care for le crappee use de Francais. Une side affect du les cocktails
Date: Wednesday Decembre 5, 2012 Temps:  Cold Meeting Place:  Le Condo – Fire place lit Attendez:  Ma mere, Ma Soeur, Les Chats: Maxwell Smarte et Morrie Amsterdam et Moi Refreshments du jour:   Rye Crackers, Triscuits et Creamy Port Wine Spread du Fromage Official Business:  Ma Mere has collected her snowman collection from le storage and she would like us to set them up on la high ledge before we leave ce soir La Conversation du BS Ma Mere:  What is that? Moi:  Chat nip Ma Mere:  Max, Morrie, come and see what Millie has. Ma Soeur: Put some in those mice avec le velcro. Ma Mere:  Morrie get off le counter. Millie you are spilling it on le carpet. Moi:  Ma Mere, it's just chat nip. Ma Soeur:  Where is Claudette ce soir? Moi: She is working late at la place de l'assisted living so she can take off demain. Ma Soeur:  Where is Giselle ce soir? Moi:  She is still tres malad avec une terrible cold, avec le wheezing et le coughing et le gagging on le flem. Ma Mere:  C'est domage. Ma Soeur:  Doesn't she have asthma? Moi:  Oui. I hope she doesn't end up with le pnemonia du la walking dead again. Ma Mere:   Morrie is panting.  Is he okay? Ma Souer: Oui.  He's fine. Other BS Topics covered I noticed that ma Soeur's hair was perfect.  She told us that she just had it cut du jour. She was terrified, especially avec her record du horrible results et switching from salon to salon in search of le perfect stylist only to randomly pull in at Great Clips out of desperation and to spin the roulette wheel.  Her choices were une frumpy stylist avec long et greasy hair or une elderly crabby looking stylist.  Mais non!  She got le elderly crabby sytlist who proceeded to cut ma soeur’s hair at one hundred miles per hour all the while bitching about how long she has been cutting hair.  Forty ever loving f-bomb years she’d been cutting le hair, with twenty four more shifts et she will finally retire. According to the ancient Mayan Calendar  the world is supposed to end on Decembre 21st so we weren’t sure how much Christmas shopping we wanted to do before that day, mais if ends up not being true there might not be anything left on le shelves and that could be embarrassing. Mon nephew won le Bee de Spelling at l’ecole.  Mon other nephew had all of his wisdom teeth pulled out et is doing fine.  Mon other nephew ate le left overs that ma soeur had all packed up por ma mere, mais ma souer did bring both of us banana bread that she baked and he hadn't eaten. Ralphie from le movie, A Christmas Story, was on le view this morning. The reason that Aaron Rogers and Mike McCarthy wore those stupid mustaches was because it was Movember.  Apparently that’s one of those things that everyone knew about except the trois of us. Maxwell Smart proudly brought his tattered cube up the stairs again.

And then it was time por Le Shake du Jour

Bartender du Jour:  Moi Rules:  Une  dollar to play.  Cinq of a kind to win half the pot, trois shakes and farming is allowed. Numbre du Jour: Mais NON!!! Snake Eyes again!!! 1st Shaker- Ma Soeur: Results.........trois ones. 2nd Shaker-Ma Mere: Results..........trois ones. Le Last- Shaker: Moi: Results...........trois ones. Does anyone see a pattern here?

Please everybody refill your drinks!

Tune in next week to find out if Giselle is feeling better.


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