BS Club Minutes June 12, 2013

Voulez Vous club de BS

Attentionne! Delusional mademoiselles within.

Meeting Place: Chez Le Mere – Le Condo

Les Temps:

tornado warning Attendez: Ma mere, Ma soeur, Mon Amie Giselle, Les Chats: Maxwell Smarte et Morrie Amsterdam, et moi Refreshmentes:  Dip et les crackers du Triscuits,  pommes de les chips, flavoured avec crème that es sour et onion Official BS Business:  Le official business du jour es to fool Giselle avec her own plante de les sticks. BS topics et conversations: There es tension en le air.  There are warnings de les storms that are severe et les tornadoes that are dangerous.  Le tension es not about les storms. Mais non.  Le tension es about le fact that Giselle might not show up to BS Club, parce que there are warnings de les storms that are severe et les tornadoes that are dangerous.  Once again le disguised hostage, Giselle's  favourite plante de les sticks, es en place.  It es centered on le tableau, just like ce last week when Giselle spoiled la surprise.  She sent une text that said, "Mes apologies, I can not make it ce soir."  Mais, now it es another jour et at any momente Giselle es due to arrivez.  So Le Club de BS Membres waited. "Ou es she?" said ma mere.  "Je ne sais pas," I answered. "Do vous pense she will come?" asked ma soeur."  "She'd better make it," said ma mere. We waited some more por Giselle. "What if she doesn't come?  Who will keep la plante de les sticks?" We waited some more por Giselle.  Les winds were picking up, les clouds were moving en.  Le thunder began to rumble, et just then Giselle pulled en to le driveway.  Ma soeur said, "Okay, places everyone, et remembre, act normal." Giselle:  Mon Dieu!!!  Le weather es tres horrible. I didn't know if I would make it.  Et I can not believe mon fil let moi out du ma mason.  I was afraid he would say, "Vous are not going anywhere ma mere.  Have vous seen le news?  There are les warnings all over la place.  Mais non.  He let moi out le door.  Perhaps he does not love moi anymore." Ma Mere:  If we have to go to le cellar, le plan es por everyone to grab something.  Giselle, vous bring votre cooler.  I am in charge de les candles.  Louisa will grab les bottles et Millie es en charge de les hors d'oeuvres et le shake du jour. Giselle:  Oh, that es une bon plan.  I came to le right place. Giselle looked right at le tableau et her plante de les sticks.  She said nothing. Ma Soeur:  Giselle we missed vous at le last meeting. Giselle:  I was tres disappointed that I could not make it. Giselle sat on le stool closest to la tableau et her plante.  She was swinging her feets.  I began to fear that she was not going to look at la plante again et une evacuation was certainmente.  Drastic measures were needed.  I walked across le room et turned on le light above le beloved, une et only, famous plante-napped, plante de les sticks. Giselle: Oh mon Dieu, look at la radar.  I can not stop looking at la televisionne.  Les storms are getting near.  Do vous pense we should take cover por to be safe? Moi:  Did vous get une neuvaux plante, Ma Mere?  I was looking at la plante under le light de la spot. Giselle glanced at la plante et then looked back at la radar.  Moi: What kind de la plante es it? Giselle looked at la plante again et said, "Es that une plante de les sticks?" Ma Mere:  Oui. Giselle:  Oh! Where did vous get it?  I have une plante de les sticks. Ma Mere:  I got it at le store de les hardwares. Giselle:  Moi too!  I saved ma plante de les stickes from le store de les hardwares.  I bought it por just une dollare et fifty-centes.  He was tres petite.  Mais, je suis tres upset.  Now ma grand plante de les sticks es missing! Ma Soeur:  Missing?  Does it look anything like this une? Giselle:  Non.  Ma plante did not have les fleurs.....hey, wait just une minute.  Those fleurs es taped onto la plante.  Giselle moved en to inspect.  Ma Mere:  I just gave it some water es les fertilizers et voila, les fleurs bloomed. Giselle:  Those fleurs are not real.  Je suis es so sad.  Ma plante es gone.  Je pense that mon husband  threw it away when I was out du la town. Moi:  Oh C'est domage. Giselle:  I have not said anything to ma famille. I sent mon husband une text about it, et he did not answer moi.  He ignored ma text! I am waiting por him to arrivez. He es traveling on business en les storms et I don't want to yell at him until he es home, safe et sound." Giselle was looking more et more closely at la plante de les sticks et I could not contain ma laughter any longer.  Then ma mere et ma soeur started avec les giggles. Giselle:  Hey! Es this ma plante de les sticks?  How could it?  What le heck? Moi: It es!  It es votre plante de les sticks.  He was plante - napped et disguised.  Mais don't worry Giselle.  He was treated tres bon.  Look, now he has les fleurs. Giselle:  Who? What? When? Where? Why? (Giselle asked all five de les questions like une gun de la machine mais we could not answere. le storm had arrived.) Ma Soeur:  Everybody! It es time por la evacuation!  Giselle, cooler!  Ma mere, les candles!  Millie, refeshmentes et la shake du jour!  I have les bottles!  Maxwelle Smarte, Morrie Amsterdam,  everybody, to le basemente.  Vite. Vite. [one_half]Le Mere et Giselle et Stick Plante[/one_half]

[one_half_last]Giselle grabbed her tres famous, une et only, plante-napped, plante du les sticks et ran him out en le wind et le rain.  She put him en her automobile et locked les doors. Le Club de Membres scurried around et gathered all de les tres importante items por to survive, just like les Scouts de les Girls, except por non uniforms.  All de les membres ran down les stairs to wait out la storm.[/one_half_last]

Et then it was time por Le Shake du Jour

Max and money

Bartender du jour:  Ma Mere

Numbre du jour:  4 Rules: Une dollar to play, five of a kind to win half de le pot, trois shakes et farming de la land is allowed. 1st Shaker: Ma Soeur……………resulte…………deux. 2nd Shaker: Ma Mere…………resulte…….trois.  3rd Shaker: Moi………..resulte……..deux. 4th Shaker: Giselle………….resulte……….deux. All de le monies en le Red Solo Cup es more safe than any plante de les sticks, when it comes to Le Club de BS. "By le way Giselle, did vous know that votre plante es poisonous?"



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