BS Club Minutes May 22, 2013

[one_half]Club de BS logo nov 21[/one_half]
Meeting Place: Chez Le Mere – Le Condo
Les Temps: 70  degrees and a nice rain
Attendez: Ma mere, Ma soeur,  Les Chats: Maxwell Smarte et Morrie Amsterdam, et moi [/one_half_last]
Keep out if vous do not want to see highlighting under le influence de les cocktails
BS CLUB OFFICIAL BUSINESS: Today I will put les highlights en ma soeurs hairs.
Maxwell and the directions First of all I would like to say that it was not all ma fault en regarde to la petite error en le mixing de les highlighting chemicals.  Vous see, Maxwell Smarte was reading all de les directions to moi et I thought he said to mix le rinse de le crème avec le bleu crystals, instead de le liquid en le rouge bottle.  It could happen to anyone.  Chats do not speak tres clearly. I forgave Maxwell por his bushe full de les marbles et took une official vote as to what to do après le error occured.  Le official tally totaled cinq to zero that it would be okay to mix everything together.  Le bon news du le jour was that ma soeur would not have to rinse her hair avec le rinse de le crème at le end de la process.  Mais non, le rinse de le crème was mixed right en le beginning.  We saved her beaucoup time, et time es monies.  It was also not all ma fault that I didn't know le proper calculation por how long to leave les highlights en.  Maxwell Smarte  sat down right on top de le part de les directions avec all de les importantes informations.  Mais, I do not pense that even if he would have moved his noir derriere, there would have been anything specific en regarde to le timing avec le rinse de le crème mixed en.  This es just une de les reasons that Maxwell Smart et moi have not quit our jobs du jour. Max on the instructions

BS Topics et conversations:

Ma mere said, "Millie do vous remember ou we had le last Holiday de la Giving de la Thanks?"  I said, "Oui, it was at chez Louisa et Pierre." Ma soeur said, "Et do vous remember ou it was le year before?" Et I had to pense really hard et I said, "What is this? Some sort de la quiz?"  Ma mere said, "Mais non, mais we have discovered une flaw en le cycle de les masons et we pense that perhaps somebody had deux turns a few years back, parce que it does not compute since le year 2008." Et then Sven called on le telephone et said, "What is going on over there avec vous losers?" Et I said, "We are having une salon de la beauty et Louisa es under les chemicals ce momente."  He said, "Oh, I wish I could be there."  I said, "I bet vous do."  He said, "Do we have une cover por le pan de la meatloaf?"  Et I said, "Non, vous do not cover le meatloaf avec une cover."  He said, "Oui, I think I should cover le meatloaf."  I said, "Ma mere, do vous cover le meat loaf while it es cooking?"  Et she said, "Non."  Et then ma soeur said, "Non, vous never cover le meatloaf when it es cooking."  Et I told Sven, "Ma mere et Louisa say non, vous do not cover le meatloaf."  Et he said, "Never mind then.  Aurevoir." Et then ma mere told une story de ma taunte, Susie Le Q.  "She was having trouble avec les breathes et she went to le hospital."  "Oh, c'est tragique.  C'est domage!" cried out Le Club de BS.  Ma mere said, "She es okay.  To make une long story short, le doctor gave her les medicines por une infection de la viral et he sent her to her mason. She es 95% better, mais she can not partake en les liquors until les medicationes are all gone."  Ma soeur said, "So she should eat all de les medicines." Ma mere said, "At ce momente Susie Le Q es at la raffle por les meats.  Mais, she can not partake. Susie Le Q asked moi if we would have une cocktail por her."  "Oh," I said. "Oui.  I will have une cocktail por Susie Le Q."  Ma soeur said, "Oui. I will have une cocktail por Susie Le Q."  Et ma mere said, "I will have une cocktail por Susie Le Q too. Et do vous know what else Susie Le Que said to moi?"  "Mais, non."  "She said, If I fall off de ma stool, I will know that vous have had too many de les cocktails." Et then Louisa said, "Millie, when do I rinse les highlights out de mes hairs?"

And then it was time por le Shake du Jour

Take a chance salon Bartender du jour:  Ma soeur Numbre du jour:  3 Rules: Une dollar to play, five of a kind to win half de le pot, trois shakes et farming de la land is allowed. 1st Shaker: Ma Soeur……………resulte…………une trois 2nd Shaker: Moi…………resulte…….trois, trois.  Ohhh, Vegas Baby, here I come! 3rd Shaker: Ma soeur………..resulte……..quatre, tois.  Holy shitz et close to le PILE DE CASH!!

Tune en le next week to see if ma soeur es still talking to moi.


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