BS Club Minutes – Nov 14, 2012

If you do not care for meaningless topics or crappy French accents then no entrée vous. Date: Wednesday Novembre 14, 2012 Temps: Partly sunny et high of 42 degrees Meeting Place: Condo Attandez: Ma Mere, Ma Soeur, Mon Ami Giselle, Les Chats: Maxwell Smarte et Morrie Amsterdam et moi. Refreshmentes: Kettle Chips, guacamole dip, French onion dip, Fromage d’Bri et Tostitos. Official BS Business: Giselle is delivering les ordered Holiday Wreaths to Ma Mere et Ma Soeur at Club de BS. Ma Soeur’s husband will be dropping off a turkey to store in Ma Mere’s downstairs refrigerator until Thanksgiving Day. BS Club will convene on Tuesday next week.

Topics covered: Mon Ami Claudette could not attend Club de BS parfait she is working part time at her brother in law’s bar ce soir. Ma Mere, aka, Gladys Kravitz, asked le couple next door, “Why do you have trois vehicles parked in your driveway when there are only deux of you?” She was startled to learn that they own quatre automobiles and they try to keep only deux at each home, mais somehow they ended up with trois cars at le Condo. All present BS members decided that we would like to congregate at le downstairs condo bar next summer when there are tornado warnings. Ma Mere heard a mysterious drip from her upstairs neighbors’ pipes and let them know about it. Giselle was able to open le Fromage du Bri all by herself this week. Ma soeur likes grilled fromage sandwiches et split pea soup. We all like split pea soup. Not one of us likes orange marmalade. As a matter of fact we despise orange marmalade and ma mere was once traumatized after biting into an orange marmalade croissant. None of us like croissants either. They are too messy, too greasy and too fattening to deal with. Giselle has been in the New Willie’s Restaurant and says le food is tres delicious. Ma mere says her neighbors, the ones with quatre cars and a mysterious drip coming from their pipes may not be moving after all. Morrie tried to eat le French onion dip. Ma soeur brought her chat toy over. It is just like Max et Morrie’s chat toy except this one has hills and le ball that runs through the tunnel lights up. They did not care for it. Morrie likes le smell de Giselle’s hair. Giselle does not care for Morrie’s nose in her hair.

Here is an update of the odd sprouts on l’orchid de ma mere. And then it was time por le shake du jour. Rules: Cinq of a kind to win. Trois shakes, farming is allowed and une dollare to play. Bartender du jour: Ma Soeur Numbere du jour: Six 1st Shaker: Ma Soeur……………………drumroll…………………………….. trois, sixes on le first shake! The crowd cheered. Tension was mounting. Une more six on le second shake! Le crowd went wild. Les Chats were on pins and needles. And then le last shake!!!!!!!!!!!!! VOILA!

Mais non!!! Your eyes are not deceiving you!!!!!!! Ma soeur won le shake du jour. Le grande pot avec $110 dollares et une quarter, split right in half with a take home PAY of $55.00 and twelve and a half cents. There was singing et dancing….Frere Jaques, Frere Jaques, Dorme vous, Ddorme vous. Sonne le matina, Sonne le matina, ding dong ding. Ding Dong Ding!!!! Ma soeur ordered a round of drinks por all.

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