BS Club Minutes – Nov. 20, 2012

Date: Tuesday Novembre 20, 2012 Quel Temps et’ il? Une belle jour, chaud et 59 degrees Meeting Place: Le Condo Attandez: Ma Mere, Ma Soeur, Mon Amie Claudette, Les Chats: Maxwell Smarte et Morrie Amsterdam et moi Refreshmentes: Sliced Fromage d’Cheddar, Sliced sausage de summer, avec seasoning de garlic, les fresh vegetables avec une dip de vegetables et Crackers des Triscuits Official BS Business: Ma Soeur gave moi permission to bring le Casserole de la green beans on Thanksgiving due to complaints from ma mere et Sven. I still do not have l’official count de ma famille on le jour de la turkey. Mon Amie Giselle is not able to attendez BS ce soir. She sent une text that she was avec her mere at le place de le massage. She will try to meet le YaYas demain at Lloyd’s at 5:30 PM. BS NEWS: Claudette gave une full report on le jour de shadowing le boss at Le Place de l’assisted Living. “I just wish that I didn’t know everyone there. Not only did the residentes all know me, so did les visitors de la residentes, le chef et le delivery guy.” BS Club: Bon! More points por vous. Claudette: Mais non. It’s not so tres bon when every one of them said something related to une bar or une cocktail. Even les residentes were reminiscing about les days de old at Le Trophy Room. Le woman I was shadowing was tres serious et only turns off le telephone por une heure per week in case there is une problem avec le residents et that is por Church! BS Club: Oh. BS Stuff: Until watching le Dust Bowl series on PBS, ma soeur et Claudette thought it had to do with college footballe. We were all mortified from l’experience de les people who lived through it et ma mere realized that she was une child in le Midwest at the time it was occurring. Claudette et moi volunteered to help mon fils demain by plugging holes avec whatever you plug holes with por his painting business. Mon fils said, merci beaucoup, mais demain is not such a good day por mon schedule. So instead I am going to baby sit mon petite enfantes on le jour après Thanksgiving so that he can go to work while ma fille-in- law goes shopping on Noir Friday. Ma mere showed us une card from her hairdresser por une party to bring in silver et gold and get cash por it. We did not like that card et she threw it away. Ma Soeur likes her PT por l’ankle. Ma tante says bonjour to us. Mon uncle et his wife are going to her fille’s por Thanksgiving. It is mon frères birthday et I just mailed le card du jour. Claudette showed ma mere some exercises por her back et to stretch les muscles de la butte all the while Maxwell Smarte was tres persistent about getting to le bottom de le pile de mail on le counter.

Random BS Statements:

Claudette: It’s easier when dicks grow old. Ma Soeur: Parents need to help all of their kids, not just the ones who aren’t doing well. Ma Mere: We don’t change as we grow older. Claudette: That was a text from mon frère. He said he hates Tuesday night TV. Moi: Hunter likes to wrestle with cactuses. Cactuses always win. Claudette: You need to milk the disc. Ma Mere: It’s a Red Letter Day. No one here has to go to work demain. Ma Soeur: Look Morrie, can you see my ankle bone?

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And then it was time por le shake du jour:

Le pot is severely diminished since last week when ma soeur took home half of it totaling $55 and 12 1/2 cents avec her tres talented dice rolling wrist. Rules: Cinq of a kind to win, trois shakes, farming is allowed et une dollare to play. Bartender du jour: Ma Mere Numbere du jour: Six (again!) Could it be another Lucky six???? 1st Shaker Moi: Resultes, Four dice came out de le shaker parfait ma mere forgot to put le dice back inside that she rolled to pick le number du jour. No matter, trois more shakes et only deux sixes. 2nd Shaker Claudette: Resultes, Une six, apres trois shakes. 3rd Shaker Ma Soeur: Resultes, Une six, apres trois shakes. 4th Shaker Ma Mere: Resultes, 1st shake zero sixes, 2nd shake zero sixes, 3rd shake deux sixes No Winner ce soir, mais refresh votre drinks s’il vous plait et eat some more refreshmentes! Merci beaucoup por joining us ce soir et we wish you all a tres, tres Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. Hahahaha we ARE dorks. Just so you know, it twas MOI that had that naive(with the: above the ai) statement about the Dust Bowl!

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