BS Club Minutes November 20, 2013

  BS Club Blue letters

Welcome to le dark side

BS Date

Offiiciale BS Business

Une officiale vote was taken por to cancel Le Club de BS on le following week due to le approaching holiday de le Mercis de les Givings et les approaching companies.

BS Conversationnes

Ma Mere began.  "Yesterday les mademoiselles de les cleanings were ici por six heurs.  Le whole condo es sparkly. Mais, c'est domage.  Vous can really see how it sparkles when le soleil es out."  I said, "Oh, je n'aime pas le soleil to shine at ma mason.  That makes moi want to cry."  Then ma mere went por to changez le shirt et les pants parce que she had une petite cut on le finger et got les bloodes all over her.  As soon as she left I spilled some de le dip on le floor.  Louisa said, "Vite!  Wipez that up before she returnez."  I got le cloth de la wash et wipezed it up.  Then Giselle said, "Vite!  Get un towel de le paper et wipez that up.  She will see that it es wet."  So I got un towel de le paper et wipezed it up. Then Giselle said, "What es she doing en there? How longez does it take por to changez les clothes?"  Et then ma mare came out de le room de le bed et sat back down at le counter. Giselle said, "Vous es correctemente.  Le place es tres sparkly.  What es le nommer de le company?"  Ma mere showed le card de le business to Giselle et Giselle said, "That es not le beste card de le business.  Les letters es going over le top de  le picture."  I said, "Giselle, didn't vous just fini putting votre fout enside votre bushe over ce weekend about un other carde de le business that vous lookezed at." Ma soeur said, "What did vous say?"  Giselle said, "It was not ma faulte.  Mon pere always said les inappropriate things et he passezed that gene down to moi."  Ma mere said, "What did vous say?"  Giselle said, "I lookezed at une carde de le business et I said, Oh, le carde es actually nice."  Le Club Membres crackezed up.  Giselle said, "I know.  I should not have put le word actually en le sentence.  It changezed le whole meaning de ma meaning.  Mais, I didn't mean it to soundez like it did." Hahahahahaha.  I said, "I am glad I missezed le conversationne."  Giselle said, "I thought it wasn't noticeable.  It was only une  word."  I said, "Well, le rest de les peoples at le soiree said le une word was tres noticeable."  Giselle said, "Je pense I should arretez reviewing les cards de les businesses."  Ma soeur said, "I don't pense it was votre pere's fault. Je pense vous said le word actually parce que de votre petit enfant, Kaeden. He says it all de la timez."  I said, "Oui, Kaeden says actually betweenez all de les words."  Ma soeur said, "When I am heating up his dogs de les corns at l'ecole por twenty de les seconds he says actually twenty de les times."  Ma mere said, "Giselle, shame on vous por blaming it on votre pere. It was Kaedon all along."  Giselle said, "Millie, tell them.  Tell them how mon pere used to put his fout en his bushe all de la time."  I said, "Well, actually, he did, actually."  Hahahahahahaahaha.  Et then ma soeur said, "Ce matin, Monsieur Actually, came ento le kitchen from le recess et he took off ce chapeau et then he said something to moi.  Mais, I could not hear him avec all de la noise, et I said, what Kaeden?  What did vous say to moi?  Et he said, Actually, I said, bonjour, Taunte Louisa, actually."  Et then Shirlee said, "Le last weekend I went to le mall avec ma fille et mon petit enfant.  Mon petit enfant was en le stroller et he had un gun.  He kept pointing it at all de les peoples en le mall et he was shooting at them. Les peoples en le mall did not appreciate being shot at.  Ma fille told him to arretez avec les shootings, mais he did not.  So ma fille said, I will takez that gun away.  Then he commenced avec les cryings et he said, I won't shootez anymore ma mere.  So ma fille let him keep it.  Et then he did it again." Hahahahahahahahaha.  Ma soeur said, "Was it un gun de le toy?" Et I said, "Non, Louisa, it was un fifty-seven de le magnum." Hahahahahahaha.  Et ma soeur said, "I meant was it un gun de la toy or just le finger."  Shirlee said, "It was un de those cheapez plastique guns out de une de those bins at le Store de les Dollares." Then Giselle said, "I remember une long, long, long time ago."  I said, "En une far away place?" Hahahahahahaha. She continued, "Mon fil was just en bebe en le stroller at le mall.  We were avec ma soeur. Apres we were done shopping, we went out to le lot de le parking et when we got to our automobile we noticezed that mon bebe was chewing on une shoe. It was from une de those bins at le store de les shoes et it was full de les marks de les teethes." Hahahahahahahahaha, Et then Shirlee said, "Ma fille et moi took mon petit enfant por to see Santa at le mall.  He looks pretty bon."  Le Club said, "Who looks pretty bon?"  Et Shirlee said, "Santa."  I said, "Do vous mean Santa es hot?"  Hahahahahahahaha. Shirlee said, "Non! I'm not that desperate.  He looks realistique." Et then I got off du ma chair por une minute.  When I returnezed, Maxwelle Smarte was sitting en ma chair. He was not en le mood por to give it back to moi.  So I movezed over. Max stole my chair Next we parlezed about le upcoming Holiday de les Mercis de les Givings.  Giselle es une hostess ce year. Shirlee es une hostess all de les years.  Ma mere, ma soeur et moi es going to mon frères ce year.  Then I said, " I am sick de morte de le turkey. Sven cookezed un twenty pound turkey le last week et that es all we have been eating."  "What?" yelled les membres. "Porquoi?" I said, "He does le same thing every year.  He can not help himself.  He sees them, he buys une.  It thaws out et then he cooks it.  Le last week après le Club de BS when I returnez to ma mason, I had une entire meal de le Mercis de les Givings, except por les berries de les crannes."   Et then Shirlee said, "Ce holiday es wilde et out du control at ma mason.  It es tres crowded. There es all de mes childrens et all de mes petite enfantes, stuffezed ensided Chez Shirlee.  Le last year I couldn't take all de la noise anymore et I yelled, "Who wants por to go outside?"  All de mes petite enfantes came running to le door, so I openezed it.  All de mes petites enfantes went out le door.  So I shutezed it."  Hahahahahahahahaha.  Then she said en une low voice, "Mais, I got into le trouble, parce que all de les parentes had to take les shoes et les jackets outside por to put on les childrens.  It was fraud out there."

Et then it was time for Le Shake du Jour

BS Turkey Shake

Bartender du jour:  Ma Mere

Numbre du jour: DEUX
Rules: Une dollar to play, cinq of a kind to win half de le pot, trois shakes et farming de la land is allowed.
1st Shaker: Ma Soeur……………resulte…………ZERO. (Just por le recorde...that es what she got le last week.) 2nd Shaker: Giselle…………resulte…….TROIS.  3rd Shaker: Moi………..resulte……..TROIS. 4th Shaker: Shirlee………..resulte……..DEUX. 5th Shaker: Ma Mere………..resulte……..TROIS. Je pense le turkey en ce picture has une better chance to survivez le Mercis de les Givings than we do por winning ce pot!
Be sure to returnez après le Holiday por mor actionne packed adventures de le Club de BS.  Et Merci de les Givings to vous.

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