BS Club Minutes Novembre 2014

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[one_half]bionic woman[/one_half]


Giselle:  Ma mere es better since le laste surgery.  She has deux du les replacements du les hips et she es juste like le Mademoiselle du Bionic.[/one_half_last]

Le Club:  Hahahahahahahaahahaha. Gielle:  I will be en Minnesota on ce nexte weekend por une soiree du la surprise por our ami, Gregoire. Moi:  Gregoire? Do vous have une other ami du la imaginaire, Giselle? Le Club:  Vous have beaucoup du amies du les imaginaires! [one_half]jagermeister guy[/one_half]  [one_half_last]
Gielle: Mais non.  Greqoire es not imaginaire.  He looks juste like le monsieur du la Jagermeister.
Le Club: There es un monsieur du la Jagermeister?
Gielle: Oui. Vous know.  Le monsieur avec le grande mustache.
[/one_half_last] Le Club: Hey let's have some du that Jagermeister. Moi:  Giselle, I thought vous were going por to sewez up les sleeves. Gielle: I am.  I juste havez por to find ma machine du la sewezing first. Then we spent time that we cannot get back, saying differente nommers et replacezing les 'S' avec le 'TH'. It  thounded thomething like this......Keith hath a thither nommered Thuthie, et Thuthie hath une chat nommered, Thally, et Thuthie altho hath une couthin that es nommered Theodore et Theodoreth's mere es nommered Luthy et hith pere es nommered Tham et Theodoreth's childrenths es nommered, Thara, Thindy, Thadie et Grathie. Le Club: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ... Oh we es tho, tho funny. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Then we had une discussionne en regarde to how all du les words du les Chinese fit onto les Chinese board du les keys. chinese keyboard 2chinese keyboard 3 This does not looke like 5,000 du les words. Ma Soeur:  Who toldez vous that they have 5,000 du words on les keys? Moi: When I was une juene fille I learnezed en l'ecole that les childrens en China had por to memorizez every single du la word et they they had por to draw une picture por each word et they did not havez les lettres por to spell them. Gielle: Well, that es stupide. Then le clube received tres excitemente news.


Moi:  Oh, lookez!  Shirlee Bunny juste askezed moi por to be her amie. Ma Soeur:  I just acceptezed her requeste. Moi:  I cannot remembre ma word du la passé.  Son du la bitche. Ma Mere:  I don't havez une requeste por to be her amie. Ma Soeur: Maybe it is on votre computre. Ma Mere: I had une dream le other soir that mon pere was alive again et he toldez moi that I should get une du those fancy phone du cells avec le internet. Nexte ma mere et ma soeur et Giselle discussezed le movie, 'Thoroughly Moderne Millie'.  Who playezed Thoroughly Moderne Millie? Was it Julie du les Andrews?  Was it Mary Tyler du la Moore?  Unfortunatemente I don't remembre who they finally agreed it was.  Mes notes do not say. Ma Soeur:  Ma grandmere tookez moi to le movies por to see le show.  It took place during les times du les flappers et Moderne Millie was dancezing around avec les long beads et they was flappezing all over les breastes. Clementine returnezed from her trip por to see Charlotte, her petite enfante. Shirlee Bunny:  Did vous missez votre flight back? Clementine: How did vous know that? I did not poste that, did I? Le Club:  Hahahahahahahahaha Shirlee Bunny: Mais non. Mais, I havez ma ways. Clementine:  Vous see, I was supposezed to be at le port du le aire at 5:30 en le AM, mais instead I gottez there at 5:35 en le AM et le door to le plane was fermezed.  Once le door es fermez on une plane they cannot openez le door back up.  So, instead du getting home at 10:00 en le AM, I arrivezed at ma mason at 10:00 en le PM. Le Club: GASP. Et then we learnezed that le neighbor du Clementine es all pissezed parce que she politely askezed him not por to put le pier en front du her window, so that she can still view le frozen lake.  Apres that he cuttez her off du his cable.  So then Clementine had to purchasez her own cable. Et le company du la cable was supposed to come to hookez her up (avec le cable) betweenez 8:00 et 10:00 en le AM, mais instead they camez at le noon. Then we discussezed our suites du la classe du Phy Ed. Giselle: Our suites were bleu et they had les snaps up et downez on le fronte. We had to always keepez them ironezed. Ma Soeur: What? Ironezed?  We didn't have to keepez ours ironized. Moi: Perhapes it es parce que Giselle grewez up en le Illinois.  Our suites were bleu du la navy avec les buttons up et downez le fronte.  Je pense that I only brought it home por to be washezed une time per year. Le Mere: Ma suite was une piece du la une et it was bleu du la indigo. Clementine: Ma suite was tres cute. It zippezed up le front.  Le top was blanc et noire stripez et le bottom was plain noire.  I looked tres hot en ma suite du la gymnastics. Shirlee Bunny: Ma suite was plain bleu avec les buttons up et downez le fronte.  It es une bon thing that I did not havez les stripez on le top like vous, Clementine.  Can vous imaginez how grande mes boobes would have lookezed avec les stripez? Le Club: GASP. Then Mindalee toldez us about le job at le Girl du la American. Mindalee:  I spent all le jour long undressezing les dolles et then dressezing les dolles et undressezing les dolles et dressezing les dolles. Le Club: Porquoi? Mindalee: They are getting le neuvaux style por le sales du Christmas. Shirlee Bunny: So, there was une container at ma work en le room du la reste that was full du les worms. Le Club: What? Shirlee Bunny: It turenezed out that it was not really les worms.  It was le lunche du Chan Lynn.  She had ears du les pigs. Le Club:  Aghhhh,  Barf.  Ewwww. Ma Mere: Where does she get les ears du les pigs? Le Club:  From les pigs. Then we discussezed how les planes du les ultra lightes es leadezing les cranes down south. Giselle:  Non!  Porquoi don't les cranes know how por to get down there on les own? Shirlee Bunny: Parce que les was almoste extincte.  So they have been bred en le captivity et now they need help to findez le way.  Les cranes pense that les plane du les ultra light es le mere. Giselle: Oh, that es funny.  They pense le plane es le mere? Ma Mere: Have vous seenez les tetes?  (Et then she showezed avec les fingres) Les tetes es this grande.  Les brains es this petite. Shirlee Bunny: It es callezed Le Operationne du la Migrationne.  En 2011 they were down to only 15 du les cranes.  Now there es beaucoup du them et they all poopez en ma yard since I livez by le port du la air. Le Club: Hahahahahahahahahahaaha. Et then we parlezed about Le Giving du les Thanks. Clementine: I havez por to take mon pere et mon fil.  There will be non fighting.  There will be non parlezing, mais, non fighting. Et then Angelique toldez us all about meanez some du la thing about les doctors givezing les patients le morphine to help them at la fini du les lives. Angelique: It helpez les familles more than la patiente. Shirlee Bunny: Non morphine por moi. I would prefer Hydrocortisone. Claudette: When mon pere was en le mason du la nursing he askezed por his laste rightes.  Le doctor camez into le room et commencezed.  I lookezed at mon pere et I thought, "Oh, fuck," he es going por to say some du la thing." Le Club: Did he? Clementine: Oui.  He said, "Hey, wait une seconde.  I do not want to be lookezing at vous while I morte. I wantez to be lookezing at ma daughter." Le Club: Awwww. Clementine: Vous juste never knew what would come out du his bushe.

Max et Morrie en Novembre

[one_half]morrie in tree[/one_half] [one_half_last]boys checking out bed[/one_half_last] [one_half]max on plant[/one_half] [one_half_last]Max on top of cupboard[/one_half_last]  

Famous Novembre Club Quotes

Giselle sidebar

Repeatez what vous said. I was chewezing une chip du kettle.

Caludette Sidebar

Bon news.  I did ma wash le last soir.  Mauvais news.  Ma phone du cell was en it.
Giselle sidebar

Bette du la Davis went by le nommer, Betty. THAT ES STUPIDE.

Le Mere side bar
I didn't say I wantezed to take vous to Florida. I said I wantezed to Tampa avec vous.
Shirlee sidebar

Je suis Easy.  Not Cheap...mais Easy.

Clementine sidebar

I did not postez that.  Well, at least not on le purpose.

Mindalee sidebar

It es une long jour dressezing les dolles.

Angelique sidebar

 It's not une flash du chaude. I had ma heat turnezed up enside ma automobile to warmez up les curds du les fromages.
Caludette Sidebar

I wish I had that body.

Louisa sidebar

Well, votre pere toldez vous to get une phone du cell.

Shirlee sidebar

Every du la thing makez moi horny.

Clementine sidebar

Mon fil needez por to have une rolle en le hay.

millie snapshot

Not until vous findez votre machine du la sewing.

Caludette Sidebar

I need ma laste rightes.

Le Mere side bar
Une rounde du morphine por all du mais amies et une taxi too s'il vous plait.

Le Novembre Shake du Jour news

the pot

no winner

"Maxwelle Smarte et Morrie Amsterdam droppez les Monies".


Max sidebarMorrie sidebar


morrie hunting

Be sure to come back le nexte monthe. Decembre will be wiled et crazy at le Club de BS. 

Et Morrie Amsterdam is waiting por vous. 

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