BS Club Minutes – Oct 24, 2012

BS Club Minutes

Please excuse any broken French that appears in les minutes du BS. I like to blame it on the cocktails. Date/Temps: Wed Octobre 24, 2012 – Cloudy, balmy and 64 degrees Meeting Place: Condo In attendance: Ma Mere, Ma Soeur, Les Chats: Maxwell Smarte et Morrie Amsterdam et Moi Refreshments: Scoop taco shells, homemade salsa, Ritz Crackers, Rye Crackers, Cream Cheese with green olives & chipped beef. Official Business: Who is bringing what to the Halloween Party at the Condo on November 2nd. Ma Mere: Trois pizzas, Ma Soeur: an hors d’oeuvres of her choice, Moi: quatre more pizzas. Notifications will be sent to the rest of les parcipitantes. And tickets have been purchased for the high school musical for Friday night. This week’s meeting was a sleeper. Even Max & Morrie were ambivalent about their weekly duty as center stage entertainment. Max, the all noir and all male chat is tres proficient at hitting la balle precisely hard enough so that he doesn’t have to move an inch as he watches it roll to the opposite end of the plastic tunnel they received as a birthday gift and then slowly return for another flick of his expert wrist, as Morrie, his orange brother, the one who holds his pinky out when he takes a sip of water, watches the pro with complete admiration. But this particular BS Club Wednesday, Max spent most of the time downstairs sitting at the top of his tree and Morrie was perched on his cube in front of the sliding glass door listening to BS about the unusually warm weather and my sister’s ankle which was broken in a million places and now has more metal in it than the sears tower. She is down to the help of one only crutch and will begin therapy next week. Oh, and therapy on her ankle too. Other topics: My niece has announced her major in college to be, Geography. My sister doesn’t know the guy who added me to his list on that Facebook school feed thingy either. Ma tante’s pneumonia is under control with antibiotics. The blonde woman on jeopardy who kept winning, finally lost, the one who looked kind of stupid but knew every answer and how to state it in the form of a question. Ma mere et ma soeur voted already to beat the rush. A guy in my class is dead. Ma Soeur saw his picture in the obits. And then it was time for the Shake of the day. Three rolls, farming allowed and five of a kind needed to win half the pot which is rumored to be more than seventy dollars. Bartender of the Day: Ma Soeur. Number rolled: 2 1st Shake: Ma Soeur – Results: two 2s. Prize: a sip of her cocktail. 2nd Shake: Ma Mere- Results: three 2s. Prize: two sips of her cocktail. 3rd Shake: Moi – Results: two 2s. Prize: Whatever. To be continued next week. Same bat time. Same bat place.

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  1. This is terriffic! Made my day today. Congratulations ! Not sure if my girls know about this, but they all will by tonite 🙂

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