BS Club Minutes October 30, 2013

Voulez Vous club de BS

Welcome to Le Condo.

BS Date

Officiale BS Business

I returnez le foil du tin that I borrowed from le mere.  Louisa borrowed le mere's carrier por les chats.

BS Conversations

Ma mere said,  "Vous see it was 4:30 en le matin et ma detector por les smokes started to beep.  So, I got out du ma bed  por to get le ladder."  This es when ma soeur gasped et said, "Non! Ma Mere!  Vous should not be doing that."  Ma Mere said, "Then le beeping  arrestez so I climbed back ento ma bed."  Le BS Club Membres  said, "That es bon."  Ma Mere said, "Mais then, that après noon it started up avec les beeps again."  Le Club de BS Membres said, "Non." Then ma mere said, "So, I called ma neuvaux neighbor that livez up les stairs."  "Oh," said le Club.  "That es bon."  "Oui," said Ma Mere.  "Mais he was not home."  "Oh," said Le Club, "that es too bad." "Mais," said Ma Mere, "he answered on his phone du cell."  "Oh," said le Club de BS, "That es bon." Ma mere said, "Oui. He said,  I will come over to le condo  when I arrivez home et I will changez les batteries por vous."  "Oh," said  le Club de BS membres, "That es  bon."  "Oui," said Ma Mere.  Then Giselle parlezed  on por un while about une neuvaux tea called 'Breathe Easy.'  "Le first cup was tres horrible, mais I choked it down et now I have une cup every jour. I can feel it open mes lungs right up." Then I said, "Clementine are vous all ready por ce wedding?" (Clementine's fille es getting married on Saturday en le Carolina that es Nord.  Et she es flying out tomorrow matin at 6:00 a.m.) Clementine said, "I am all packed et ready por to go.  It will be tres excitemente.  Mais I have un pall over moi."  "Un pall over vous?"  Said le Club Membres?  What es un pall?" Clementine said, "Vous know what un pall es.  I have been crying at le drop du un chateau all jour."  "Vous have been crying?" said le club. "Oui, vous see, mon ami that es ma best ami got married et  now he es moving away to le Isle that es Rhodes, ce next week."  I said, "Who do vous mean?" Clementine said, "Michele."  Le Club said, "Michele got married?"  "Oui, Michele married Etien."  Ma Mere said, "Who es Michele et who es Etien?"  Clementine said, "Michele es le frère du Jean et Etien es un jeune stud that es full de les muscles that riplez.  Michele et Etien met en July et had une romance avec le whirl et le wind.  They flew to Le Isle that es Rhodes por to get married a few weeks ago, parce que it es legal there.  Etien got une job en Le Isle that es Rhodes, so that es porquoi they es moving there.  Michele es tres happy, mais I am not.  I am going por to miss him. I have un pall over moi."  Giselle said, "How do vous spell this,  pall?"  Clementine said, "Je ne sais pas."  Ma Mere said, "I have not heard that expressionne before."  Clementine said, "What, vous haven't heard that?"  Then I heard Giselle say, "Stupide phone!"  I beat her to it.  I found it on ma phone du cell et I read, "Un pall, es like un cloak full du les dark et les ominous feelings that es draped over vous."  "That es it!" said Clementine, "That es un pall.  I have un pall over moi."  Giselle was still bitching at her phone du cell.  Clementine went on, "I am en une transitionne.  Les transitionnes es le hardest part du life.  Les transitionnes SUCK!!."

I got out le Jagermeister.

Moose head.jpj Et then Shirlee arrivez to le condo et le conversationne turned ento nebulizers por les babies.  Giselle said, "They es so cute."  I said, "What es so cute?  Les babies ou les nebulizers?" Et then ma mere said,"I can not fermez le door por le bedroom en le night parce que Maxwelle Smarte et Morrie Amsterdam do not allow it. Et Giselle said, "I was never une personne por les animals," et le club membres laughed et said, "We know, Giselle, vous don't even like les tulips!"  Et Clementine et Shirlee said, "Vous don't like les tulips?"  Et Giselle said, "Non.  They es stupide fleurs avec le long stems et just un fleur at le top."  While Clementine et Shirlee absorbed ce informationne, Giselle said, "There was une madame on le Show du Jour ce matin.  She said she is not going por to give les childrens that es fat les candies on Halloween.  Mais non.  She es going to give les childrens that es fat, une note that says, vous should not be eating les candies."  "WHAT?" said les membres en dismay.  "That es tres horrible.  What kind du un bitche es that?"  Et then ma souer said, "Mon fil never liked le holiday du Halloween.  When he was petit he dressed up as un player du soccer.  He went to une door et la madame said, "What le heck are vous supposed to be?"  Et mon fil said, "I am un player du soccer." Et she said, "Well, that es not un tres bon costume!"  "WHAT?" said le club de BS membres.   "What une bitche!"  "Oui," said ma soeur.  "Mon fil still n'aime pas Halloween."  Ma Mere said, "Well, je n'aime pas Halloween either et nobody ever said that to moi."  Et then Clementine said, "Vous n'aime pas Halloween?  J'adore Halloween.  I like to dress as une witche es scare all de les childrens when they come to ma door."  Et then Clementine did her famous cackle de la witche.  She es tres talented.  Et then Shirlee said, "I used to have une cool witche costume, mais je ne sais pas where it es now.  Every body borrowed it from moi.  It had so many holes en it from all de les bars et burnes du les cigarettes.  Vous could hear it go...vvvvt when ever vous bumped ento one."  Clementine said, "I borrowed that costume."  I said, "I remembre when vous wore it to le alley de les bowling."  Shirlee said, "I am sure there es nothing left du it après all de les years.  Le chiffon es tres flammable vous know."  Et then Shirlee  told us une story.  ''Mes parentes used to dress up por Halloween.  Une time I was out avec mes amies et we stopped at la taverne.  While I was there I had to movez over parce que un dirty old monsieur would not arrestez avec le hitting on moi.  Finally, après I moved away from him trois times, he said, Shirlee, it es moi, votre pere."  Hahahahahahahahaha, it was votre pere?"  "Oui. Et he was creepezing moi out."  Et then Giselle told le story about le time that she et her soeur went to le circus.  "Mes parents said, "Now remembre, du jour do not parlez about les parents. Du jour vous es les orphans." "What?" said le club? "Orphans?" Giselle said, "Vous see, les neighbors had deux extra tickets to le circus, mais they were taking un group de les orphans to le show.  They said we could usez les extra tickets. It was tres fun.  Mais then les newspaper peoples showed up et took une picture de all les childrens from le orphanage."  "Non!" said le club.  "Oui," said Giselle, "Et there we were, ma soeur et moi, front et centre en le fronte page de la news."  Hahahahahahahaha.  Et then we parlezed about Le Show de le Cowboy Edourd, le tres famous show de la televisionne that we watched when we were les childrens.  Sometimes we even got to be on le show, por les celebrationnes de les birthdays.  It turned out that Clementine et moi are famous. We both took home une certificate de le gift to McDonalds après answering le questionne en le phone de la micro.  Clementine's question was, 'What do vous want por Christmas?' Et Clementine said, "I want le doll de la baby first step.'  Ma questionne was, 'What es votre favourite food?  I said, "Ma favourite food es turkey." Ma soeur said, "Vous lied, Millie.  Vous never liked le turkey that much."   Et then Shirlee said, "When I was five, mes parentes took moi por to see La Holiday on le Ice por ma birthday."  "Oh," said le Club Membres.  "Vous must have been riche."  Shirlee said, "Then I begged et begged et finally I got une bracelet avec les charms du les ice skaters.  I wish I still had that bracelet.  Et then on le way home we went out por dinner et I ordered le lobster. "Wow!  That was quite une birthday celebrationne," said le Club De BS.  "Oui," sighed Shirlee.  "That was le last time ma famille celebrated ma birthday.  Je pense mes parentes could not affordez moi."

Et then it was time por le Shake du Jour

Halloween Shake

Mon Dieu!  I have thrown away les results du la Shake du Jour!

Hold on mes amies.  This es non time por le panic.  I will do ma best to recallez la situationne. Let moi see. .... hmmmm.  Je pense ma soeur was le Bartender.  Et je pense le number was four. How shall I put this without leaving any de les importantes detailes behind?

Nobody won le POT.

Returnez ce next week, por to see if le pall es lifted from Clementine.

Did vous peoples know that saying? Vous have un pall over vous.  

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