BS Club Minutes October 9, 2013

Welcome Mes Amies

Le Club where les cool chats hang.....

BS Date Officiale BS Business:  Une reminder: Birthday cards por Ki-Ki must be en le mail by Thursday, due to le Jour du Columbus on ce next Monday.  Clementine announcez: "I would like to hold le next BS meeting at ma neuvaux apartemente  I live en door numbre deux."  Les Membres du le club voted unanimously et all were en favoure.


I commenced by stating ,"I went por to purchase some bierres at le store de les liquours et I heard une voice say to moi, "Do vous need any help mademoiselle?  Ma soeur said, "Who was calling vous mademoiselle?"  I said, "Le neuvaux jeune monsieur who es working there.  He was strumming une guitar behind le counter.  He es tres cute.   I assumez that as soon as I turned around he would call moi madame, like le rest de la worlde does, mais non!  He called moi, mademoiselle five times, parce que he es tres polite. I pense that he es jeune et naïve et he does not know le difference between les titles.  To him all de les madames et all de les mademoiselles are les mademoiselles.  Vous should go there Louisa to see what he will call vous."  Ma soeur said, "I am thirteen de les months younger than vous. If I go there et he calls moi, madame, I will take his guitar et hit him over le tete."  Ma mere said, "I pense I will go there."  Et then Clementine said, "I can not stay at le club por long ce soir.  I am going out por le dinner." I said, "Avec who?" She said, "Vous do not know him."  I said, "Him?  Vous are going on une date?"  Clementine said, "Mais non.  It es not une date.  We are just going out por les burgers." I said, "What es his nommer?"  She said,  "It does not matter, vous do not know him."  I said, "Is he cute?"  She said, "Non."  I said, "Is he ugly?"  She said, "Non."  Ma mere said, "Some de les times that es le best kind."  I said, "Are vous going to have le sex?"  Et she screamed, "Non!  It es not even une date.  We are just going out for les burgers."  Giselle walked en le door just then et she said, "Clementine, did I hear that vous have une date ce soir?"  Et Clementine said, "Non I do not have une date.  I am just going out por une burger avec une monsieur who asked moi to."  Giselle said, "That sounds like une date to moi."  Et then Clementine decided to vente about une worker de co who es not fun.  Clementine said la madame needs to lighten up parce que she deals avec les studentes who have les troubles en learning parce que they are under nourished avec les monies, le love, et les lives de les masons.  En other words they es flunking les classes et that es porquoi this madame es teaching them extra classes, por to pass Englais et Mathematics.  Mais, according to Clementine, la madame es une real bitche.  Clementine said, "Du jour she said to moi, "I don't do fun.  Do vous do fun, Clementine?"  Et Clementine said, "I told her, Oui, I do, do fun.  As une matter de les factes, I have fun written across ma fore tete.  Can't vous see it?"  I said, "Non, I can not see it."  Ma mere said, "Non, I can not see it."  Ma soeur said, "Non, I can not see it."  Giselle said, "Non, I can not see it."  I said, "Ma mere will vous hand moi une sharpee, si vous plait?"  Et le club membres laughed parce qui I am so funny.  Et then Clementine showed us le face that le teacher makes. The smile

"This es how she looks all de la time."

All de les membres laughed.  "Do it again Clementine.  Do le face again."  Et then Clementine had us all count off from un to seven, not en any particular order et each time that we said any de les numbres at le same time we had to start again.  Maxwelle Smarte et Morrie Amsterdam made it impossible to get to seven parce que they are not very bon avec les numbres.  They can not even count to un. We laughed beaucoup de la times.  Et Clementine said, "See?  I told vous that I am fun.  It es written right ici on my fore tete."  Et we had to agree.  We could see it.  Et then Giselle said, "I thought ma clock du alarm was broken yesterday.  It did not go off en le matin.  Mais then while we were eating dinner le last night, it was ringing et ringing." Then ma soeur said to moi, "Non, votre petite enfante did not have anything por moi to heat en le wave du la micro du jour." Et then Clementine mentioned something about her mere, et ma mere said, "How long ago did she passé?"  Et Clemetine said, "Deux years ago.  She was en ma automobile at le time."  So then it was only naturale por her to fini that story.  "Vous see, ma mere was tres malade le last deux years du her life.  She could not see et she could not hear. She was living en le mason du la nursing.  Ma soeur et moi took her to la hospitale parce que she was feeling horrible.  Apres several heurs at la hospitale le doctor said there was nothing wrong avec ma mere et we should take her back to le home de la nursing.  So ma soeur et moi wrapped ma mere en une blanket et put her en le front seat de ma automobile.  It was Decembre, mais it was une warm Decembre evening.  All de la sudden un giant swarm de les bugs was en front du ma windshield.  Ma mere leaned forward et opened les eyes, as if she could see them, mais she was blind.  Et then ma mere leaned back, closed les eyes et she was still."  "OMD!" said ma soeur, "What did vous do?"  "I pulled over et ma soeur got out from le seat de le back et we checked to see if ma mere was okay.  We were screaming, Ma Mere, Ma Mere, at le tops du les lungs, parce que ma mere was deaf at le time."  Ma soeur said, "Then what did vous do?"  Clementine said, "We drove back to la hospitale et les doctors et les nurses came rushing out to get ma mere out du le automobile.  Then une de les doctores started beating on ma mere's chest por to make her breathe again."  Ma mere said, "Oh how horrible."  I said, "Oui, that must have been awful."  Giselle said, "How scary."  Clementine said. "I yelled at le doctor.  Arreste, arreste!  Ma mere has une bracelet that says, Do Not Resuscitate."  Giselle said, "Did they arreste?"  Clementine said, "Non.  They kept working on her."  I said, "Do vous mean that even if vous wear une de those ugly bracelets they don't pay any attentionne?"  Clementine said, "I guess vous need to have DNR written across votre fore tete." Les membres laughed at Clementine's funny, during her tres serious story. "Mais then, all at once, le doctor arreste. Then le doctor said to us.  Votre mere es gone.  Would vous like une momente alone avec her?"  Ma soeur said, "What did vous say?"  Clementine said, "I'm not sure if we wanted une momente or not.  Mais it would have looked pretty mauvais if we would have said, non, merci beaucoup anyway."  All de les club du BS Membres said, "Wow."  Et then ma mere said, "Remind moi never por to get en le automobile avec vous."  Et then we all laughed, parce que ma mere es so funny.  Et then it was time por Clementine to leave por her date.  "IT ES NOT UNE DATE," she yelled.  She didn't even stay por le Shake.

Et then it was time por le Shake du Jour

counting cats  

Bartender du jour:  Ma Soeur

Numbre du jour: Trois....mais non.  Une second.  Les dices es cocked.  Second try...le numbre es Deux.
Rules: Une dollar to play, cinq of a kind to win half de le pot, trois shakes et farming de la land is allowed.
1st Shaker: Moi……………resulte…………deux. 2nd Shaker: Giselle…………resulte…….deux.  3rd Shaker: Ma Mere………..resulte……..deux. (Unfortunately por ma mere, all de les trois that she shook did not count.  C'est domage. They would have worth une free drink had les dices not been cocked.) 4th Shaker: Ma Soeur………….resulte……….trois.
Be sure to joinee us ce next week por to see what goes on behind door numbre deux.

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