BS Club Minutes Wednesday Decembre 12, 2012

Warning, Warning….Do Not Enter if you are a language Snob.

Date: Wednesday 12/12/12 Temps: 40 degrees Meeting Place: Le Condo Attendez: Ma mere, Ma Soeur, Giselle, Les Chats: Maxwell Smarte et Morrie Amsterdam et Moi Refreshments du jour: Baked Potato Sticks and Baked Sticks du fromage Official Business: Ma Mere’s refrigerator has been acting up since Monday.  Le door  pops open et she has it taped shut, making it tres difficult to snack throughout le day.  Le local repair shop said they don’t have le parts por ma mere’s refrigerator.  So she would like le BS Club Members to take a look at it before she has to make a call por une expensive house call from une refrigerator doctor who has to travel beaucoup distance for l'assistance. Result after looking in le refrigerator?

This new odor free fragrance was placed in a door popping spot.

Unofficial BS Stuff: Claudette was not able to attendez du jour parfait she has company that she has been very much looking forward to, including her brand new petite enfante. Mais Giselle is back du jour!  Elle is still not feeling tres wonderful.  She said no jager du jour and that is a pure measuring stick when it comes to her health.  She said le jager hurts her throat, but she thought a Tom & Jerry would be soothing.  Ma soeur said it was no problem por ma mere to make it por her.  Giselle  said that she might have to see a throat specialist if her voice does not recover fully.  She said it is like her throat is on crutches et is tres exhausting.  If you don’t want to know le truth about whether or not men wear underwear under their kilts then do not continue reading.  Giselle received une call on her phone de cell from her filles in law to say that she picked up some special warm undies por under le kilt por Giselle to give to her fil, por une gift de Christmas.  Giselle’s fil always wears une kilt unless he is working up high in le rafters. Ma Mere had us taste her anise cookies that she made in a special way.  It is tres difficult to roll out dough avec her bad arm from le accident where she slipped and broke it in her driveway quatre years ago.  It leaves her avec only one arm to roll and le pin just travels in les circles, so she came up with une amazing plan where she made them just like her refrigerator cookies. The dough was rolled up into a loaf and sat  in le refrigerator that was taped shut and then après a couple of days she took it out and sliced it up into les perfect cookies.  TRES DELICIOUS. We all agreed they were excellente.  Ma  filles in law called with une awesome et tear jerking Christmas gift idea por our newest petit enfant in la famille that I cannot reveal until après les holidays. Giselle has une microwave that speed bakes.  It’s called Advantium.  Huh?!  Why do I not know these things?  Today is Aaron Roger’s birthday, 12/12/12, mais we could not wear our #12 jerseys parfait, sadly, none of us have one et Giselle likes da Bears, who still suck.  Ma Soeur told Giselle le story about le time that our taunte kept repeating,"ROLO," as loud as she could to ma mere hoping that by talking louder and louder ma mere would know what it was and that when our tante was telling us this story we said we didn’t know the ROLO’s either, thinking they were a relative she was talking about, not le chocolate candy.  Ma soeur said that her husband would be home le next day and I did not know he had been missing.  Giselle said she had to leave parfait she had to pick up her husband at l’ airport at 6:00 PM.  She was hoping his plane would be une tad late, mais, non,  she had to go.

But first things first. It was time por le Shake du Jour.

Bartender Du Jour: Ma Mere Rules: Trois Shakes, five of a kind to win half de la pot and farming is allowed. 1st Shaker: Ma mere, results……four, fours.  Prize: a sip of her drink 2nd Shaker: Moi, results……..trois, fours.  Prize:  Mais non prize! 3rd Shaker: Giselle………….results…..four, fours.  Prize: Next week she can have une free sip of her Tom & Jerry but it will have to be warmed up in le microwave. 4th Shaker: Ma Soeur…….results….Une, four.  Prize: She has to wait fifteen minutes before taking another sip du her cocktail.
Please come and visit next week as it will be le last BS Club meeting until apres Christmas as ma mere will have une condo filled to capacity avec mon frere et all of his famille from Kentucky por les Holidays.

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