Butt Sisters Coffee hut

Butt Sisters Coffee "So," I said to Sven.........."Can we buy that lot in front of the grocery store and can I quit my job and will you build me and Louisa one of those cute little coffee huts and will you put it on that little lot and then hook everything up for us?" He just stared at me. "My mom says she will plant flowers in the flower boxes and keep them watered.  You just need to make the flower boxes for her.  It is going to be soooo cute.  And seriously that area needs some beautification." He was still staring at me. "And then we'll need a big sign.  Of course I'll paint it.  You just need to cut the piece of wood and attach it to the top of the hut.  If you want to paint the bottom couple coats of paint that would be awesome cuz you know I don't have the patience for all that waiting in between the primer and then the next layers and I'll start painting a coat when it's still tacky.  Yeah, you'd better get it ready for me.  Otherwise it'll peel and you'll just have to do it again." He still hadn't said a word. "We're gonna call it, Butt Sisters Coffee.  And we'll need a couple of picnic tables.  That way our friends can stop by and hang out on nice mornings and spike their coffee and the grocery store people will have a dignified place for their cigarette breaks." It looked like he was considering the idea. "Of course we're gonna want a part in the back for gifts, cuz NOBODY will want to be without hats and T-shirts that say, Butt Sisters Coffee." I waited. Nothing. "Maybe there could be a little deck on it too.  That would be really cool." He blinked. "Sven, are  you even listening to me?" "Well, I'm listening to somebody, but I don't know who it is.  First of all, Butt Sisters Coffee?  Sounds gross.  Second, quit your job?  You do realize this would be spending money,  lots of money and not necessarily making money.  Do you really think you can make a profit selling coffee?  And thirdly, I am NEVER going to work there. I can tell you that right now." "Oh, my God Sven!! Does that mean it's a yes?"    

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