Chapter 2 – A Who’s Who of Who is Attempting to Murder Who Series


The Eccentric

Eccentric: an individual who behaves in odd or unusual ways

They say she came into this world a sweet little thing.
But after one hundred years of the earth spinning on its axis with Ms. Meow Meow Moses sitting upon it, it seems that she has soured some.
Maybe because she found herself homeless and penniless, which is the opposite of who she claims she had once been.
Grandma, as her new family calls her, came to live in the house in the country almost three years ago with Millie, Sven, their loud mouthed dog, Hunter, may he rest in peace, and their tuxedo clad cat, Tuna.

Although none of her tales have ever been validated, Millie and her sweet Sven nod politely as she prattles on about her past life of glamor, her royal blood, her trek across the ocean and that first glimpse of the statue of liberty, many years ago.
Upon arrival to her new place in the black hole just outside Harmony Grove, what was supposed to be a fairy tale ending to her highnesses' existence, her entitled life began to unravel.
Today she finds herself spending much of her time in her heated bed in a downstairs assisted living apartment, plotting murder in the first degree.
"Everyone will believe me when I call it self defense," she says.
What would make a woman of high stature come to this?
It is hard to say why Grandma and Tuna have it in for each other.
But it is easy to pinpoint when it began.
On their very first encounter, Ms. Meow Meow Moses had assumed the bell hop in the tux was coming to carry her bags after the long ride to the country estate for the elderly, which looked nothing like the brochure, no matter how many times she readjusted her glasses when the car had stopped in front of it.
Instead he tried to take off her head.
Why would a happy go lucky, rags to riches, guy like Tuna try to take off the head of a little old lady in pearls?
Was it his new found taste for blood and the heads of mice and snakes?
Did Tuna think she was an oversized rodent?
She had not had her hair done in a while.
And she had only slipped on a pair of sweat pants for the journey thinking she would get all gussied up for dinner in the fancy dining room that the magazine article had misrepresented.
Had she offended Tuna when she called him a thug and spit in his face when he had tried to take off her head?
That is possible.
Does Tuna know something about this woman with a mysterious past, that the rest of the world does not?
Grandma can be rude.
But most often it is only that she has turned her hearing aids off.
"If I ever die of natural causes, I demand an autopsy and a full investigation," Grandma said.
"And I want Keith Morrison to do my show."
"What if something were ever to happen to Tuna?" the reporter asked.
She must not have been able to hear his question.


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