Exicted once more – Day Seven

I am excited again -day seven I had a fine night of sleep, what with the new sheets and all. (See: I am almost excited as I was yesterday) And that's a bit of  good news because , I have a VERY busy schedule today.  First thing, I gotta hit those closets.  I know what you are thinking.  What about tomorrow or Sunday, you still have two more days. What is your rush?  I am in total agreement with you but I have plans for tomorrow and Sunday. This is a vacation after all.  Vacations should not be all about work, work, work.  Yes, tomorrow morning I am heading to Galena for a little overnight shopping extravaganza with two very special people.  The same two people who will say to me, "Millie, did you EVER get those closets cleaned out?"  So, right after I finish this cup of coffee I am going straight up to my bedroom closet.  I will take out all the summer stuff and make a pile then I will take out all the ugly stuff and put that in another pile and then I will take out all the cute stuff that I WISHED would fit me and put that in another pile.  After I get that done I will go to the 'Ugly Closet' in the loft.  The 'Ugly Closet'?  Oh, The 'Ugly Closet' got it's name years ago when Sven was digging through it and found a pair of faded red shorts with a ruffled draw string waist and put them on.  I said, "You aren't going to wear those are you?"  He said, "Yeah, why not? These are really comfortable."  I said, "Well, for starters, they are girls shorts."  He said, "No they're not, look." And then he stuck his finger through the penis hole from the inside to prove it and off he went to work.  He was pretty good looking, so I didn't mind that he looked like an idiot.  I figured those shorts would keep horny housewives away.  Upon hitting the worksite his friend said, "Where did you find those?  Do you have an ugly closet?"  Hence the name has stuck.  Sven was not deterred by our comments and many others.  He wore those shorts for years until they were finally faded to a light pink and had they had three penis holes.  Where they even came from to begin with is hard to say. I think they may have been donated to us in one of the anonymous garbage bags dropped off from a church after losing our house to a fire.  The fire department was never completely certain of the cause of the fire.  They said something about wire fatigue, but I knew the truth.  That fire was caused by spontaneous combustion from too much SHIT piled in the closet.  Anyway, I will simply transfer my fall/winter clothes into my bedroom closet.  Then I will throw all my sandals (keeping one pair out for emergencies) into the box under my clothes and put the shoes that had been in the box onto the closet floor in a nice and orderly fashion.  I will be sure to take a picture for all to see.  I am really starting to get excited nown  ,antrjoafgh/shy/  "Hey,  knock it off."  Damn it,  Hunter is hitting my elbow with that big nose of his.  "What? You want to go jogging?  Remember what happened the last time?  How about if we just take a walk?"  There, I have just demonstrated the importance of maintaining an upper hand with your pet. If you don't, you will never be able to get anything done. Well, enough talk for now.  I can't take much more of the barking anyway.  It's truly time.  The time has come. I will simply go for a walk, make another cup of coffee to take upstairs and then check out that closet situation.  Everybody have a great day.  I know I will.  I LOVE, love, love, vacation.  I am excited once more.  "Hunter, please. Shut the hell up."

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