Two More Poems by Vol Lindsey

vol-raven-ink HELLO GOD It is the eighteenth of June and it is hot as soup. I’m smoking a cigarette at the bar and nobody I know is here. That Blues chick is setting up for a red hot gig so the music is about to jump and jive. But I’m thinking about this article I read. It says they’ve found the God part of the brain. Set an electromagnet in just the right place and there He is! In person, and He wants to talk. The scientist says, “We’re self-aware,” and that’s pretty damned existential, if you ask me. We can die, and the universe will bounce right along, so our brains cry out “OH, GOD!” in self defense… “I want MORE!” Meanwhile, that Blues chick leans in to the guy with the shaved head and starts the count’ Anda 1, anda 2, 3... 12/30/19 HEART FAILURE “The night is falling and it is a long way down,” you said, and sipped your Merlot. Caught me by surprise on my side of the booth at Torino’s, we let the evening melt into the reds of Minestrone, lasagna, and wine, then a walk down the avenue. Little did we know how bright our sun would shine before your words bore fruit. It was a failure of the heart, the doctors said, but there was nothing medical about it. 01/03/2020

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