Hunter Moves In

Hunter Moves In - Jamacia
Sven and I share a love hate relationship with dogs.  We can’t live with them and we can’t live without them.  We’ve been managing to live without them for more than a year until the other day when I heard a sad story about a dog in need of a home.  Parents split.  I mentioned the word dog to Sven and he said, NO WAY.   I said, okay.  Then he said, so what’s the dog’s story?  So then I told him the dog’s story.   So then we wrote down all of the reasons why we should not have a dog. 1)    Walking, walking, walking, walking, walking 2)    A dog that cannot go one day without doing the back stroke in the scummy pond behind the house 3)    Never again a minute to ourselves 4)    The disappearance of all the wildlife that just started showing up again 5)    Nose prints all over the windows,  white rawhide chew slime on the floor and hair everywhere 6)    The old veterinary money pit 7)    A pissed off cat who is not planning to share her life with one more stupid barking dog 8)    Dog track holes in the middle of the trail just waiting to catch our ski tips in order to catapult us into the woods 9)    A dog that can’t resist the urge to step on a gliding ski, causing an immediate back wrenching back flip 10)    And most importantly, no more guilt free trips to Jamaica like this one with beads, white sand and beer, all before noon But life is all about compulsive compromises for us.  So we settled on guilt ridden travels to warm climates, moving forward.  What’s the difference?  We were feeling guilty about living guilt free anyway. Hunter Moves In Hunter and Rose

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  1. “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”
    ― Roger Caras

    I had the privilege of meeting Mr Hunter yesterday, other then needing a little working on his doggy social skills…he is very awesome, handsome and very lucky!

    1. Hunter…AKA Mr. P. (fill in the P with Pinhead, Popular or Poop-head) had a wonderful time, regardless of the tangling of the leashes, of us and the personalities. Please, do come again.

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