I am pretty excited! Day Three.

I am pretty excited Here it is, my third day of vacation! I am pretty darn excited, what with having this week all to myself.  It's mine all mine. In case you are just tuning in, my plans are to write, blog and clean.  Please do not judge me, but I've decided to put off the closets for one more day.  I mean, there are lots of other projects around here that need my attention.  Hell, the inside plants were screaming so loud that I could actually hear them.  In all of the excitement I guess I forgot to water them on the weekend like I normally would.  There is a ton of laundry too.  Being a vacation week I didn't run downstairs and throw in a load when I got up on Saturday morning. There is no need with an entire week off.  And it was more fun to make a couple of pot pies this morning.  One is full of steamed broccoli, onions, red skin potatoes, and nacho cheese soup and the other is filled with Sven's left over beef roast. We can have one for dinner and the other one can go in the freezer.  Plus I had to email my sister and then Facebook her happy birthday wishes, cuz Sven just mailed her birthday card this morning and it's Columbus Day.  And  you know what can happen when you go into Facebook to wish someone a happy birthday.   On top of that there are a couple of guys hunting on our property.  What if they were to come to the door and ask for a glass of water and the house was in disarray with shit strewn all over the place and piles of keep, maybe keep, maybe throw away, definitely throw away and definitely throw away before Sven sees this.   I can also guarantee you that Hunter is going to be digging in those piles and causing a lot of havoc.  He has never seen that kind of cleaning since he moved in with us and I'm sure he will think it is some kind of a game. It's not that I've wasted my time today, I've just moved the schedule around.  I am flexible that way. It is sunny and close to seventy.

So I went out there and picked the rest of our bumper tomato crop.

bumper crop Can you really eat fried green tomatoes? I even swept the leafs off the front deck and sprayed a can of Raid on those God damn box elder bugs, which I gotta say, made me a little woozey. Hunter really enjoys walks in this type of weather. I've got to get going.  I hate to say no to him, because A) he barks, B) the weather could turn on a dime and, C) Maybe some fresh air will help to clear my head.  Those poor insects.  Suddenly, I feel very Hitler-like.

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