I am pretty gosh darn excited – Day Four

pretty gosh darn excited It is day four of my vacation. It is an awesome, cool, dark and drizzly morning.  It is the perfect storm for a waunabe closet cleaning writer like me.  The hunters have left the land.  No more worries they will come knocking at my door.  The coffee is on.  The dog has been walked.  The cat has been fed.  Nothing can get in my way now.  I am pretty gosh darn excited!  What?  I made that for this morning?  10:30?  Shit!  That's okay, I have two hours before I have to take her in.  That's a nice chunk of time, especially if I don't look at Facebook or emails.  What?  Maybe I could just skip a shower today.  What?  Yeah, I know I skipped it yesterday. Who takes a shower when they are going to clean out closets? Showers are overrated.  What?  Fine! I'll take a damn shower, but I don't have to do that till 9:30.  That gives me a whole hour.  That is a nice sliver of time.  Okay then, my plan is to write, take the cat to the vet, clean my closets and write some more.  This will be an extraordinary day.  What?  I just went to the grocery store on Saturday.  How can we be out of coffee?  And we are low on dog food?  Well son of a bitch. Fine, I'll swing by the store right after going to the clinic.  What?  Yes, with the cat in the car. They are practically next door to each other. You think it's a bad idea to leave her sitting in a parking lot making the very noises that inspired the Exorcist?  No, I'm not worried about her pooping.  She does that on the way in to the vet.  What?  Oh, you think that perhaps it would be cruel to leave her in the car?  So are you trying to say that on this absolutely perfect, dark, drizzly, closet cleaning, writing, website working, kind of a morning, I have to go to town not once, but twice?  Fine then.  But for the record, I will not be deterred.  I am pretty gosh darn excited!

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