I am so excited – Day Two!

I am so excited Wow!  Here it is day two of my vacation.  I am so excited!  If it weren't for that Facebook Packer Party invite that I clicked yes to, I would absolutely have stayed right here and I would have already started to clean out my closets in between writing brilliant stories and posting them on my website.  But an obligation is an obligation and I do NOT break obligations.   And perhaps this is the year that I, me, Millie Noe, will win the giant, flat screen T.V. In order to keep on track with my exciting plans of spending an entire week of doing nothing but writing, working on my website and cleaning this place up, I have inserted a couple 'before' photos for your viewing pleasure.

[one_half]ugly closet part 1[/one_half]

[one_half_last]bedroom closet[/one_half_last]

Hear me now. I pledge to clean these sons a bitches out.  By announcing this to the entire world, (okay, my mom and my sister, the two people who read my stuff)  how could I possibly back out? How embarrassing would that be?  It worked when I quit smoking eight years ago.  Seriously I got sick of hiding those cigarettes all the time.  Speaking of quitting smoking, that is probably the reason half of this shit doesn't fit me.  And it is also how my closets got like this in the first place.  It is absolutely horrifying to clean out closets and cupboards cold turkey.  No more congratulatory breaks every half hour where I get to sit back, light up and admire all my hard work by blowing smoke rings. It's going to be tough to throw away all those favorite pairs of jeans full of all those memories, even if I haven't gotten my ass into them forever.  But I am going to do it.  Right after the Packer Party. What?  Oh.  That's not a bad idea.  The party is over in my mother's neighborhood.  She probably would enjoy a little company later this afternoon.  She wasn't feeling the best yesterday.  Maybe I should stop in over there before coming straight home and going directly to the closets.  What?  Yes I suppose it will be near supper time by the time I get back and Sven will be getting hungry and Hunter will need to go for a walk.  Maybe tomorrow would be a better time to get started on the closets.  I can write and clean ten times better first thing in the morning, when I actually give a shit. Tomorrow it is!  I am so excited!    

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