I am so excited!

  I am so excited.  I have the whole week off work, the entire week all to myself, a complete week of doing nothing but writing, working on my website and cleaning my house.  I am so excited.  Uh-oh.  Hunter just gave  me the seven minute warning.  (Refer to Millie & Sven’s School of Dog Whispering.)  I’ll be back in about twenty minutes to tell you about all the stuff I am going to write about and all the stuff I am going to get done around here.  Excuse me?  What?  Hunter quit the barking.  (Refer to Millie & Sven’s School of Dog Whispering.)  What?  A soccer game?  What time is the soccer game?  Oh, jeez.  Okay, I will be back this afternoon, cuz after the soccer game I might as well hit the grocery store.  Hunter, damn it! Hang on a minute.  I just want to say one more thing.  I am so excited.  Right after this walk and then this soccer game and then the grocery store, I have the entire week off.  It will be all my own. Yes, my own week to do whatever I want to do. I can write and I can work on my website and I can clean my house.  Yes I will even clean the closets.  What?  We’re taking out the pier this afternoon?  Shit.  Okay. Yes! Hunter! Wait a dog gone minute, for God’s Sake.  Give me seven more seconds.  I am so excited.  Right after I take Hunter for a walk, go to the soccer game, hit the grocery store and take the pier out, I have the entire week to myself.  It’s mine all mine.  I am going to do nothing but write, work on my website and clean this ever loving house.  Hang on you crazy dog!  What?  What Packer Party? Oh the one I said yes to on Facebook?  Who reads Facebook? When is that?  Yes Hunter, we are going.  Jesus.  Be back soon.  I am so excited.

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