It’s a Boring Life

Casey Pie Have you ever noticed that life can be boring?  You get up, you  shower, you get dressed, you push the coffee button, you feed the dog, you feed the cat, you make a sandwich, you kiss good-bye, you drive to work, you look at a computer, you eat your sandwich, you go back to work, you look  at a computer, you drive away, you stop at the grocery store, you stop at your mailbox, you walk the dog, you make something for supper, you pick up your husband's shit, you feed the dog, you call  your mother, you walk the dog, you change the laundry, you eat your supper, you serf the internet, you scan the movie channels, you pick up your husband's shit, you flip through a catalogue, you walk the dog, you do the dishes, you work on your website, you read the mail, you pitch all the junk, you pick up your husband's shit, you wash your face, you brush your teeth, you climb into bed, you open your book, you read a page, you turn out the light, you say "I love you," and you go to sleep. Have you ever noticed that when there is tragedy or trauma, like the day your nephew, the one who 'Wuved Pea Soup', ever since he was seated in a high chair, goes off to join the marines, that you wish to be plain old bored again? Semper Fi.

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