Please Mr. Postman

Sisters Maulbox

Look and see.

Is there a letter?

A letter for me?

The following is a paraphrased email conversation, that took place this week, between me and my southern belle sister.

Me: Hello Newman. What's up?

Kiki: Not much.

Me: Is it hot there?

Kiki: It's always hot in Georgia.

Me: Got any plans for the weekend?

Kiki: Well, Judy is fixin' to come over and help me put our new mailbox on the post.

Me: You have a new mailbox?

Kiki: Yes.  Judy gave it to Tram for his birthday.

Me: Oh, that's right. It was his birthday last week.

Kiki: It's real pretty.

Me: Why doesn't Tram put it on your post?

Kiki: He works real hard and he is always so tired by the time the weekend gets here.

Me: He's too tired to put a mailbox on a post?

Kiki: We could use a new post too. But I don't think that's going to happen.

Me: No.  I kind of doubt it.

Kiki: He did put the numbers on it though. It looks real nice.

Me: That's a start.

Kiki: I just hold the mailbox up for the lady.

Me: What lady?

Kiki: The mail lady. I can hear her coming down the street, so I take the mailbox out there and I hold it up for her to put my mail in it.

Me: Seriously?

Kiki: Yeah. She told me that I could just set it on the post until we get it attached and she would try to remember which one it is, so that she doesn't knock it off.

Me: You do know that she knows which one is yours, right?

Kiki: I would think so, by now.

Me: You must be her favorite mailbox.

Kiki: Maybe.

Me: She probably doesn't have too many that talk.

Kiki: Well, she did tell me that she has seen some interesting mailboxes in her time and that I am the MOST interesting one that she has ever seen.

Sisters Maulbox

And she said that she has seen LOTs of mailboxes.

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