Groupon deals Me:  I can not believe Groupon's balls. Sven: Who’s Groopon? Me:  It’s not who, it’s what. Sven: What is Groopon? Me: It’s a company that sends out fantastic group deals right to your email. Sven:  They don’t send any fantastic group deals to my email. Me: That’s because you’re not in the group. Sven: Well, it sounds like they’re a group of assholes anyway. Me: Why would you say that? Sven:  Didn’t you just say you can’t believe their balls? Me: Oh yeah. Sven: Well? Me: Well what? Sven:  What did the group of assholes do to you? Me: Oh.  They have completely insulted me and I know they've been reading my blog. Sven: Not too smart on their part.  What did they say? Me: Let’s see, It started with a deal for $259.99 for a Rosetta Stone Language Course, after that it was one for Up to 92% off a laser hair removal service, next it was a Brazilian bikini wax and yesterday they sent me one for a deal on a trip to France. Sven: What does that have to do with your blog? Me:  If you ever read my stuff you wouldn’t have to ask that question. Sven: Well it sounds to me like Groopon knows how to target their market and they are pretty good at it. Me: By insulting them? The least they could do is leave a comment if they are going to go out there and read my stuff and then turn around and use it for their own profit.  Or maybe just like me on Facebook. Sven:  Maybe they don’t like you.

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