The Unsung Poet

the-unsung-poet vol at reading WELCOME TO THE MILLIE NOE, VOL LINDSEY, COFFEE JAMBOURI POETRY FACE OFF A NEW DAY My alarm rings. I reach over and slap it. I pull the sheets over my head. And whimper. Millie Noe 1/20/18 alarm clock coffee-2 COFFEE Slow sip of steam and bitter brown. Ahh! Coffee! Out here in what’s left of the country, Out here in the garden she planted for me, it is still quiet enough for memories and fantasies to glint like arctic ice in the fire of an early sun. My lips on the hot rim, breathe the vapor, sip, mmm! Those red gladiolas across the pond flicker a distant passion, their pink centers pierced by the tongue of a flirtatious hummingbird. He flits down and perches to rest from his exertions on one of the stemsbelow the bed. Breathe again, slow sip, swallow. Ahh! The cluster of daises whispers an old rock and roll tune as a little corner in the smoky recesses of my head dances like I used to do, wholly involved. I reach again for my cup and the movement startles two of the nearby doves who flutter up and then back. Sip, sip. Ahh! Off to the left one of the little frogs who lives beneath the bridge I built under the weeping willow croaks a loss or two I like to revisit in moments like these. when the things I have yet to do no longer matter as much as the cooling last swallows in the red mug on the arm of my white chair. Vol Lindsey 5/15/2005 coffeee-cup-2 MONSTERS Remember when you were that little girl, afraid of nothing more than the monsters under your bed? When you could pick up a spider, You could touch a snake, You could cup a frog in your hands and pet his bumpy forehead with a tiny finger? Millie Noe 1/20/18 monster BLAME STARBUCKS An article on the internet says a recent review of roughly 100 studies notes that while caffeine enhances physical, cognitive and motor performance, boosts short-term memory, problem solving, decision making and concentration, it eliminates a key portion of the creative process. Caffeine gives a coffee drinker pinpoint focus, but it doesn't allow the mind to wander. And a recent study showed losing focus helps inspire creative solutions. It impedes the ability to go into deep sleep, which diminishes emotional intelligence, constructive thinking and the ability to cope with stress. It blunts the ability to solve problems and draw connections between unassociated information. Hold on a minute, while I refill my cup and think of where I want to go with the rest of this poem....sip, ahhh! Roll my eyes a little.... Hmmm.... Nope, it ain't happening.... Vol Lindsey 6/17/2017 one-grande THE DRAWER Sven made a bedframe with drawers underneath. No room for the boogey-man Waiting for my foot to hit the floor. My cat once sprang out of one like a pissed-off-jack-in-the-box. I was just looking for socks. Screams were heard, From both of us. Millie Noe 1/21/18 mai-mai-on-bed-1 COME TOGETHER In the tight confluence of Tennessee Ridges the sky above the tor out front Diffuses from gray to dusty azure because I am up before the sun . The coffee lays Quiet in the bottom of the antique store, Navajo cup I bought in Flagstaff that time, Yellow with eleven blue runs down the spider web cracks in the glaze, Corn pollen, Táádidíín, the source of the sacred Unifying theory of non-relativity. Corn pollen, morning ritual, tossed In the rising sun to bless the day. Coffee in my corn pollen cup Works a divergent magic. Vol Lindsey 6/17/2014 Terlingua, Texas Afton, Wyoming coffee-1 FISHING A caterpillar could make it's way up my arm Because he was sweet and furry. I could string a worm onto a hook And I believed my dad when he said, "It's okay, Millie. They don't have feelings." Millie Noe 1/21/18 Lodi, Wisconsin my-dand-and-eric-clapton-2 REBEL Dad. Yeah. Charismatic, Iwo Jima blond god. Opinionated, impatient Superman. Said, “You old enough for coffee? Drink it straight. Black. No fru fru. Don’t water down life, son.” So, now I’m almost seventy, I don’t want anything on anything. If it ain’t good enough on it’s own, forget it.. “You old enough to smoke? I don’t use filters, no menthol.” Neither did I. Bought papers, Rolled my own. “You wanna drink? Just don’t stay drunk. Kentucky straight bourbon is good. Neat. One sip at a time.” Four Roses is my favorite. He’s dead now. 12 years. And sometimes I break the rules, I’ll put some eggs in my hot sauce, French fries in my catsup, and enjoy fried chicken in my honey. He was his own man, and, well, I try to be. So, when I want some Butterscotch toffee coffee, I make A big ol’ pot…… and drink it black. Vol Lindsey 1/20/2018 coffee-pot FEARLESS The only part of that fearless little girl with her spiders and snakes, left inside of me, Is the one who is afraid of Monsters under her bed. Millie Noe 1/21/18 labor day millie in tent vol crazy COMPETITION SCORES VOL - 100 MILLIE - 0 It appears that the panel was bought. I don't even get a point for effort. Fine. I can't write a poem anymore than I can boil an egg. That is why I let my friend write the poetry. Why my life is enriched. And why the egg I just peeled is runny. World, meet Vol Lindsey. The Unsung Poet. Vol Lindsey, meet world. I hope you like each other.

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