What’s That?

vol-raven-ink By Guest Author Vol Lindsey 7/22/19 What is that down there at the bottom of your pocket? I’ve always loved a mystery and sometimes I am drawn to danger even though I might lose a finger poking a thing I shouldn’t. So, what am I to do? Reach in and find out for myself? Must I ask permission, or should I wait for a wink and invitation like I always seem to do? Your eyes have a look I cannot seem to read, and your smile just makes it worse. I am dying to know what kind of poison is there, or maybe it’s just a potion I should taste… will one drop be enough? Will I be addicted? Is it something that will wither the sedge from the lake, and stop the birds singing? Or maybe it is a green pasture where I can lie down? The choice is a melodrama of indecision sired by fear and damed by hope that this time the venom is swift and exquisite.

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