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Millie Noe | December 18, 2017

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My Dad and Eric Clapton

March 19, 2017 |

I was my father’s favorite.
“What’s that Louisa?”
Let me rephrase that.
My Dad liked me best.
“Hey, this is my story.”


The first words that I can remember my dad sing, went like this.
“Down by the station, early in the mornin’.”
I was sitting cross legged in the bathtub and was up to my chin in bubbles, with my two younger sisters, Louisa and Kiki, on either side.
“See the little puffer-bellies all in row.”
I’m not sure how old we were, but, it has been five decades since we all three fit in a tub together.
“See the station master pull the little lever.”
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BS Club Minutes March 19, 2014

March 25, 2014 | 2

Club de BS logo nov 21

Where mauvais Francais flows like mauvais wine

BS Date

 Officiale BS Business

 Le arrangementes have been made por le pickez up de la desk et le shelf made by mon pere at le old mason, at noon on Saturday, March le 22nd.

BS Conversationnes

“All de les peoples en ce room et all de les peoples around ce world, raisez les glasses s’il vous plait, por to toastez to, Kermit.  Du jour would havez been mon pere’s 80th birthday.”

Le Club:  CHEERS!

Giselle: Porquoi es vous parkezed on ce rue, Louisa?

Louisa:  Parce que I don’t want por to be parkezed en.

Giselle: Millie, porquoi es votre automobile taking up ce entire garage?  Et Genvieve where es votre automobile?

Ma Soeur:  Bridgette-Luanne es drivezing le automobile du ma mere.  She will parkez it en le garage when she arrivez.

Giselle:  Non.  She can not parkez it en le garage. Millie es hoggezing up l’entire thing.

Moi:  Non.  I parkezed on le side du la garage.

Giselle: Non.  Vous es parkezed en le middle.

I went et lookezed out le door at ma automobile, et son du la bitche, Giselle was correctemente.

 Moi: Well, I can not movez ma automobile.  Vous es parkezed right behindez moi.

Et then Giselle got up et we both went out de le side et we fixezed le situationne du les parkings.

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